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Harrison and Alex were only young toddlers themselves when  I was pregnant with Benjamin. They were pretty accepting of the fact that there was a baby in my tummy, and as far as I can remember, neither of them said anything particularly funny or strange!

Sudocrem, who has been caring for families since 1931, asked mums from all over the country to tell them the funny things toddlers have said to their unborn brothers or sisters, and it was no surprise that there were some absolute corkers!

One mum surveyed by the ‘Talk to the Bump’ campaign said that her toddler had point blank refused to accept that there was another baby on the way and told everyone “Mummy ate an apple and an apple tree is growing in her belly.” Another child asked if the baby had its own fridge and TV in there

Nick Lang, the senior brand manager for Sudocrem was happy with the results, “We wanted to capture the special relationship that small children have wit a new baby before it’s even born. Toddlers say all sorts of things, and some are practical pieces of advice and some just make you want to laugh out loud.”

The funniest ‘Talk to the Bump’ quotes:

  1. Do you have your own fridge and TV in there?
  2. The doctor can put his hand down mummy’s mouth and pull you out.
  3. When you’re borned, you can go and live with nana, ok?
  4. Don’t kick mummy tonight, she has to get her beauty sleep.
  5. I can hear you farting.
  6. I can’t believe she’s only gone and ate you.
  7. Even though you’re a boy, I won’t pinch you when you’re here.
  8. Go away back to your home!

What funny things did your toddlers say to your bump?

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