When in Vegas…

Last year, my brother and his long-term girlfriend went on a once in a lifetime holiday to Las Vegas, the casino capital of the world. It was a memorable holiday in more than one way – they got engaged whilst they were out there!

They had an absolutely packed week there – hiring a car and exploring the city and going on a plane over the Grand Canyon. Of course, whilst they were there they had a flutter or two in the many casinos. They didn’t come back multi-millionaires, but they won a few quid here and there!


I’m never going to get the chance to go and visit the casinos of Las Vegas. The closest I will get is the amusement arcades of Rhyl seafront. Instead, I’ll have to settle for playing online. According to The Mirror, there has been a massive increase in a number of women who do a bit of gaming online. You only have to turn the TV on to see all of the online bingo sites! I’ve tried one or two out and not got very far – I obviously need to up my game though or find some better sites.

Like all forms of gambling, you need to be careful when playing online bingo to stop it turning from a fun – and often financially rewarding – hobby into something that can cause problems. To keep yourself safe and give you the best chances, here are a few tips:

  • Check the sites you are using are legitimate and above board – check out these guys
  • Play for the right reasons. You might win a few quid here and there, but remember, it is pretty much down to pure luck, so don’t rely on it.
  • Set yourself a limit. If you only have a fiver spare, only put in a fiver. Don’t be tempted to gamble more than you can afford.
  • Think about the time you are playing. Everyone will be doing it on the weekends or in the evenings. Try when it’s a bit quieter if you can – there’s probably a higher chance of winning something!

Good luck!

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