Weigh In: Week Three

As I mentioned last week, I wasn’t expecting a loss at all this week.

We were away over the weekend at a wedding, and ended up going out for dinner, having Macdonald’s for breakfast (not a great deal of choice at a motorway services hotel!), canapes, three course wedding meal, buffet and alcohol, not to mention the chips at the seaside on Monday. So, I was over the moon to step on the scales yesterday to find that I had lost 1lb!

I’ve now pretty much finished all the Slim Fast things I was sent. I’ve had a couple of the snacks this week, and still have half a tub of shake mix left, but I’m now using the My Fitness Pal app on my phone. It’s really easy to use to keep track of how many calories I am consuming, and means I can plan for treats. It’s also opened my eyes to the calorie content in a lot of food and drink – over 200 calories in a bottle of Kopparberg – eek!

I’ve said it before, but I’ve really began to think about the food choices I make. We went to Wetherspoons for dinner on Saturday evening. Normally, I’d choose the burger and beer meal which is well over 1000 calories (not even counting the beer!), and I’d always end up coming away feeling bloated and not really enjoying it. This time, I was about to choose the chilli con carne, which was about 600 calories. As I went to order, I noticed the vegetarian chilli, which was under 500 calories. I really really enjoyed it – and meant I had plenty of calories left for a cheeky gin and tonic (100 calories!). Although there is not a chance in hell I would become a vegetarian, I do really like veggie food, so I may try veggie sausages and mince as a lower calorie alternative.

The cravings for chocolate and biscuits have totally gone. I’d much rather have a banana now, or even a slice of toast if I am hungry. I’ve also bought some ‘trail mix’ from Tesco, which contains nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It’s quite high in calories, at 108 calories for 25g (not a big amount!), but obviously a healthy option. I carefully weighed it out into Ben’s old weaning pots, so I can pop a pot in my bag if we are going out.

I’m hoping next week, after a ‘normal’ week, I will have a slightly bigger loss, but a pound is a pound – that’s 52lb a year!

Lost so far: 9lb

To go: 69lb

4 thoughts on “Weigh In: Week Three”

  1. Well done! Sounds as though you made some great choices to help you on your way, 1lb is great! #binkylinky

  2. Well done on the weight loss and for staying motivated. I wish I had your motivation. Any tips? Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

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