Vamp Up Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is a food group for many of us. We can’t imagine the idea of going a whole morning without that first sweet sip of coffee and the rush of energy it brings with it.  Because as a society we seem to spend every day drinking the stuff, it is sometimes nice to find new ways to enjoy the drink.

Most of us will change between instant coffee, Best fresh coffee beans, ground coffee and sachets to make it taste a little bit different- but there are other ways to add new flavour and depth to this drink.


Cinnamon is a spice which is usually used in desserts and is popular during the colder months of the year. To add cinnamon to your coffee you can simply add in a small spoon of cinnamon to your coffee as it brews. Don’t add too much though because it is a very strong flavour to compete with.


Cardamom is likely a spice you have only really heard of in curry recipes, but it can make a wonderful addition to your morning coffee too. It will add a sense of depth to your drink as well as a lovely hint of spice which is ideal for cold winter mornings when you need a boost. To add cardamom to your coffee you can crush the pods and add it to the water or the coffee maker before you pour the drink.


You may have heard of a chai latte, and if you have never had one before yourself, it consists of a mix of spices which warm the soul and provide a sweet note to the drink. The spices used in a chai latte are star anise, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. Like the two options above this is a drink which is incredibly warming and actually very festive too. You can boil all of these spices with water and then add your water to the coffee for a rich, spicy flavour.


Most of us will be used to having our morning coffee with milk, and you may think that cream will offer exactly the same thing, but it makes your coffee amazingly creamy and divine. All you need to do in the morning is make your coffee just as you normally would, then at the end add in a dash of cream. Once you have tasted this combination you’ll be totally obsessed with it.


If you fancy making yourself a mocha in the morning, all you need to do is add a spoonful of either cocoa powder or your favourite drinking chocolate to the coffee before you add in water. This will make a bitter coffee taste incredibly rich and chocolatey and will curb your sweet cravings until lunchtime.


And last but not least is the holy grail of coffee flavours- once you have tried this coffee you will never want to go back to a plain cup of joe. All you need to do for this is either buy a caramel syrup online or make your own caramel and add it to the coffee after the water. It will make this simple drink taste divine and is perfect for the sweet toothed amongst you.

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