Tips To Survive Your First Trimester With Your Kid

Tips To Survive Your First Trimester With Your Kid

The first trimester is the most critical phase in the life of a pregnant woman, while the remaining two trimesters also have various complexities. With a child running around the house, carrying the second baby inside will call for higher attention level from the mother. It is essential for every mother to plan a perfect pregnancy when in the first trimester. The second pregnancy is always more demanding as the mother has to care for the baby inside along with her first child. It is the complex phase for the mother and crossing it successfully is a definite challenge. The first trimester is a crucial phase even for a first pregnancy, but the challenges are double for the second.

Stay Calm and Stress-Free

During the first trimester, a pregnant woman must maintain good physical health and keep the mind calm and be stress less. Your first child might end up giving you extra burdens but handle them with a relaxed mood. A relaxed mind state will always help for a relaxed physique and vice versa. Therefore, don’t overburden yourself by managing your first kid all by your own. Take help from family and friends. Even daycare centers come handy here. For better information, pregnant women can refer to online sources like

Hormones Change

A pregnant woman might find every day and every night different from the other, because of the hormonal changes. Some woman might find drastic differences during this trimester, while some may feel absolutely no change in their health and routine. It is all up to the individual. Morning sickness might result in exhaustion, roughness on the tummy, palate taste changing, mood swings and irritations, vomiting etc.

Well, these symptoms are pretty common during the first trimester and following the medical advice properly will help overcome this. However, your first child might not understand all this and will expect the same routine from you like before. So, if the child is grown enough, explain the situations and seek help. This will involve the active participation of the first child during the growth of the second.

Both Child Needs Care

Mothers will be in the great puzzlement during this phase, as whom to care. The baby inside or the baby out! Remember, both are yours, and both needs equal care. Caring for you cares for the second. One step extra care for the first will always be needed at this phase because the child should feel loved as well as face.

Quick Shots

  • Go for short walks with your first kid.
  • Chocolates are a very good mood enhancer and stress remover, so have some during this trimester. Give some for your first kid and enjoy some for yourself. This will relax both.
  • Talk about the second kid to your first kid and create anticipation in them, so they too eagerly care for the child along with you. This will ease your way of caring for the kid inside.


The first trimester is the phase during when the embryo develops, and the complete body organs begin to form and grow. Exercising enough care during the first trimester will be the key to a healthy pregnancy.

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