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It’s been a long time since I’ve left the UK. In fact, it has been about 8 years now. 8 years since I last went on a plane to sunnier climes or to somewhere new and exotic. It’s probably going to be another 8 years the rate we are going, but a girl can dream, right?

Destination2 asked me to put together a travel bucket list for 2018. It’s going to be more like 2028 before I have any hope of ticking anything off it, but it was still a lot of fun to think about the places I would love to go and see at some point.


One of my friends moved to Dubai around the same sort of time we moved to Wales, and it looks and sounds like such a beautiful and friendly place to visit. I love looking at her photos – it’s such a different lifestyle to anywhere in Europe and everywhere looks so luxurious. I’d also really love to visit the souks and markets for a spot of unusual and unique shopping!



Santorini is probably the place I want to visit most in the world. Those white-washed buildings clinging to the side of dramatic cliffs overlooking the bright blue sea look absolutely magical to me, and one day, I will visit there. I also really adore Greek food, so the opportunity to try some authentic Greek dishes and drink plenty of ouzo sounds like the perfect getaway for me.



My brother and his soon-to-be-wife are heading to Cancun this year for their honeymoon and I’m insanely jealous. Miles of white sand, crystal clear sea – it looks like the perfect place for a proper grown up, relaxing break. I’d also love to go exploring the Mayan ruins – I find them all so interesting!

So there’s my 2018 (and onwards!) travel bucket list. What would be on yours?

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Travel Bucket List 2018

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  1. I’m from Wales now living in Dubai in my 4th year, via 4 years in South Africa. All my holidays are actually spent in South Wales, where I can safely say, the grass is definitely greener

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