Shifting the Culture: Here’s Why You Should Encourage Your Daughters to Game

Ever since Nintendo brought out the Wii and the whole family could bowl together at Christmas, the world of gaming has seemed to be a much more open place and more welcoming than ever.

It has changed from being boys stuck in their bedrooms behind screens forever, to being a recognised sport, the largest media industry in the world, and a home for social growth.

Gaming has become more than just a game; it’s become a social environment, a place to learn, and a worldwide job market. However, like many industries, it is currently heavily male-dominated. Various initiatives aim to encourage women and girls to engage confidently in the world of gaming and reap the benefits!

Fastest growing media industry

The gaming industry has a job shortage, which has come about by the rapid expansion and high demand for new titles and sequels to be released as soon as possible.   

Even before we were all locked at home for months on end, the gaming industry had taken over the entertainment market, accounting for over 50% of all spending in the market. In an investigation in 2019, the  BBC found that the gaming industry was worth more than video and music combined.

From Project Managers, Game Developers, and Graphic Artists to hardware testers, game companies need people with a passion for games and user experience. 

Gaming has gone social

One of the most under-rated advances in modern gaming is the social networks and communities that games now build, such as when you play as you can play this along side your friends. There are impressive support networks that have formed on the back of a Discord channel and a few random chats. Finding that first thing in common and playing hours of games together builds friendships and teams. . 

Gaming, whether traditional gaming or playing a crypto video game, allows us to find people outside of our normal group of friends, away from the close geographical boundaries we’re faced with every day. It allows us to connect with people from all over the world and immediately have that common bond, the mission at hand. To experience other people’s cultures and everyday norms to broaden our own horizons.

Life skills – problem solving

If we break all games down to a simple statement, then it’s about a player overcoming a challenge. This is one of life’s core skills and one which we should develop early on in life. It’s not a skill that can be taught or forced, but we learn via failure, by experience, and by watching how other people deal with adversity.

Esports teams step up to that challenge every day, if you see CS GO tournaments and appreciate the vast quantities of tournaments, there’s no way any team can win every single match they enter. They take on a challenge every day. A challenge that is constantly learning, constantly evolving, and constantly getting better. 

There are many reasons to encourage anyone to game, let alone your daughter. It doesn’t matter whether it is a free online solitaire game or something on the latest console, they all have benefits. From the social side of life, to preparing them for a career within the gaming industry or even to try and pick up on one of life’s hardest lessons. The future looks great if any of these skills are learned at an early age.

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