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While the weather in the U.K. is not always associated with lots of sunshine, it’s nevertheless getting warmer and sunnier here year on year. That means a lot of things for most families, one of which is making sure to stay safe and protected from the sun’s strong rays. With kids and toddlers it definitely means a little more foresight and preparation, but when you and your entire family are back inside sunburn-free, you will be thankful for any extra work you did to keep it that way!

Here are some great ways to maintain the balance of keeping your family safe from the sun, while never limiting their fun:


This can never be stressed enough. Keep lots of sunscreen at home so there are no excuses not to wear it. Remember, kids will already be looking for one! In the beginning, it takes some time to get kids accustomed to wearing sunscreen, but over time it will become part of their summer routine and just like eating their vegetables, it will become an assumed rule. Considering the alarmingly high rate of skin cancer, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. The application can be less of a chore by making it a family activity – put it on together, and check with each other to make sure all key areas are lathered up. If you opt for water and sweat resistant options, you can reapply it less often which means more freedom your family will love.


Once the sunscreen is applied and dried, you can accessorize for some extra protection. Caps, hats, and sunglasses are the best choices, especially if there is not too much shade around. It’s always a good idea to have these items packed if you plan on being out and about for the day with your family, so you can use them whenever necessary for additional coverage.


During the summer months, keep your family’s wardrobe on the lighter side, and aim to include some long sleeve shirts in the mix. After swimming these are a fantastic way to keep the sun’s effect gentler on the skin – especially when a child is wet and cannot reapply sunscreen right away. Just make sure the shirts are light so they don’t cause anyone to overheat!

So with just a little preparation, keeping the fun alive and well under the sun is 100% possible. Now, get outside and enjoy the weather!

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3 thoughts on “Safe Summer Fun in the Sun |AD”

  1. I must admit that I forget about sunscreen in this country, even when gardening for an hour you can get burnt!

  2. After so many friends passing AWAY from skin cancer I’m really hot on the sunscreen
    So important

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