Quick-Step Laminate Floor: The DIY Lovers Dream

If you’re a fan of DIY, then you will be very interested to learn what Quick Step laminate flooring is. In a nutshell, it has all the advantages of laminate flooring but with the added benefit of a quicker and easy installation method.

Quick-step is manufactured in the same way as many other laminate floors. It is made up of four layers with the first being called the backing, which protects the floor from moisture. The second layer is the core and this gives the floor great stability, even in rooms with a high level of traffic. The third layer is called the image layer, this is an extremely high-resolution picture of wood or tile that is printed on. Finally, a protective layer is added to the top to help prevent signs of wear and tear over the years.

Another characteristic that Quick-Step shares with laminate flooring is its durability. We mentioned previously about the strength of Quick-Step and this is enhanced by the fact that is is also waterproof. This makes these floors ideal for busy family homes as you don’t need to worry if your child has caused a spillage. Make sure that any spills are cleaned as quickly as possible so to avoid any long-term damage like staining. Since these floors are fairly non-porous, it stops dust and allergens from getting trapped as you would experience with a carpet. This is great for cleaning, as all you need is to regularly sweep and mop from time to time.

But what makes this floor truly unique is the that it is installed. This is thanks to the “Uniclic” system which is patented by the company behind Quick-step. The system works by allowing the planks to be simply “clicked” together. This also makes removing the planks just as easy. This is ideal if for whatever reason a plank becomes damaged over time. Rather than pull the whole floor up, just simply click the planks out and replace it with a new one. This saves you lots of money long term but is also vastly more eco-friendly as it saves wastage. If you’re an avid and skilled DIY fan, you should be able to install this floors yourself, which will save you the cost of a joiner. If not, always consult a specialist to get the work done for you. Don’t worry though, it shouldn’t cost as much as installing other floors since it will take hardly any time for the joiners to get the floor down.

As with other laminate floors, Quick-Step offers a wide range of wood designs and as we previously mentioned, it also replicates many different styles of tiles. So, not only it is a very practical floor but it is also amazingly versatile and looks beautiful.

So there you have it, some of the features of Quick-Step laminate floors. We can’t choose for you, but we can highly recommend this floor to anyone who is tight on a budget, doesn’t want to sacrifice aesthetics and is ready to do it by themselves!

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