Project 365: Week 2

So far I’ve managed to keep up with Project 365 – taking a photo every single day for a year! This week involved parks, bowling, and snowmen!


January 4th

day 4


A couple of years ago I started collecting pretty teapots and teacups to display on my lovely Welsh dresser. My mum and dad bought me this beautiful teacup candle for Christmas to add to the collection.The dresser had been in the spare room over Christmas to make space for the tree, so was excited to be able to display it finally!

January 5th 

day 5

One of my New Years resolutions was to get out more with the kids, even if it was only to the local park. Monday was Harrison and Graham’s last day off before returning to school and work so we headed to the park for some fresh air and exercise. I love this photo of Graham pushing Harrison and Alexander on the swings.

January 6th

day 6


Harrison went back to school today, so in the few minutes Benjamin slept, Alex and me built our own Olaf. This was a sheet that I printed off Pinterest. I cut the various parts out and Alex stuck them down. He was so proud of his Olaf!

January 7th

day 7


I have a very similar photo that I took two years ago, where Alex was the tiny baby being kissed by his big brother. Now he is the big brother doing the kissing. This photo just sums up how much the boys love their baby brother.

January 8th

day 8

Last summer I began ‘comping’ – entering competitions. The first thing I won was a lovely little musical nightlight and light show off Twitter, which we saved for Benjamin. It plays lullabies and projects moving images onto the ceiling, which is really relaxing for both Benjamin and me!

January 9th

day 9

I’m really lucky that most afternoons, all three kids have a decent length nap. I use this time to relax – I think getting up several times a night to do night feeds is a good enough excuse! Some days I chill on the sofa and watch a movie, sometimes I have even had a little nap if we’ve had a rough night. Some days, like today, I catch up on bloggy stuff. I had a massive influx of emails and opportunities this week so it took me a couple of hours with my laptop (many keys missing!), a coffee and my planner to catch up!

January 10th

day 10

Harrison and Alex went bowling for the first time today for their friends birthday and loved it! They all sat beautifully in the cafe afterwards for dinner.

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8 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 2”

  1. siblings are amazing are they not, the way they just accept extras into the family, love to see these tender moments.
    Your laptop is in worse condition than mine for missing keys.
    Comping is a fab hobby, most years I have little to buy for Christmas as I win bits and pieces, nothing large but ever little helps.

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