Project 365: Week Two

It’s been a pretty dull, uneventful week this week. The kids have all been back at school and because we still have no car, Ben and I are slightly more limited to what we can do in the daytime. It’s also been so cold!

Week Two

Sunday 7th January

Boys and dad bending down looking for sea shells on beach

It was a gorgeous day – cold (very cold!) but sunny and bright. We headed out for a lunchtime walk to the beach and walked the opposite way to our normal route. We found absolutely loads of sea glass and shells to fill up our jars!

Monday 8th January

black and white cat sitting on the back of a sofa

It’s a lesser-spotted Daisy! Daisy is one of our rescue cats and we’ve had her almost two years. She’s about 8 or 9 and is a lovely little thing, but very anti-social. She spends more time asleep in the bedroom than anything else.

Tuesday 9th January

Ghost Perfume on Grey background

I thought I had failed today – I got into bed and thought ‘oh sh*t, I haven’t taken any pictures’. Then I remembered the hour of product photos I did earlier on in the day ready for my upcoming Valentines Day Gift Guide. That totally counts, right?

Wednesday 10th January

Benjamin asleep in buggy

This was a snap on my iPhone 6 but it’s such a beautiful photo of him I couldn’t not use it as today’s photo! Because our car is off the road, we are walking to school. It’s a fair distance and by the afternoon, Benjamin is too tired to walk there and back. He fell asleep in the buggy on the way to pick the boys up – look at those beautiful long eyelashes!

Thursday 11th January

view of a field with trees and hills in background

I moan about the school run a lot but views like this along the way make it all worthwhile! It looks particularly beautiful on frosty mornings with the reflecting off the hills – it’s so pretty!

Friday 12th January

view of rooftops with hills and snowy mountain in background

This is the view the other side of the road from the field on the way to school. My photo does not do the view any justice – that’s a Snowy Snowdon popping up in the middle!

Saturday 13th January

Alex sitting on the sofa next to Harrison wearing his bike helmet

We were hoping to go for a nice long walk down to the beach today, but it was really grey and miserable, and I didn’t feel too great. Graham took the boys out for a ride on their bikes to get them a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Project 365 Week Two - A Photo Every Day For A Year


18 thoughts on “Project 365: Week Two

  1. It sounds like a great trip to the beach….
    Ahh! I ended up with product photos in the middle of the week too…lol They count. hehehe x

  2. Of course a product photo counts, it is a reminder of your day to look back on.
    Least you still have the buggy to save the afternoon walk being awful for all of you.
    Love to spend time on the beach.

  3. Love the beach photo and the glimpse of Snowdon! I climbed it a few years ago and it terrified me – never again! My husband and kids have climbed it several times, they love it.

  4. Love that you collected sea glass how wonderful. That’s such a sweet photo of you me little one sleeping. I do like ghost perfume myself x #project365

  5. It sounds like you had a lovely week.

    I would say that product photos certainly count. (I bet I will be using one soon!)

    You have such beautiful views on your school run, I am very envious although I would hate a long school run as ours is about 10 minutes there and back.

  6. The school run is definitely a lot more pleasant when you’ve some nice scenery to look at – before moving to our current house late last year, we had a good 40 minute walk, but living in the valleys there is lots to look at and make the route more interesting for a little one. Lovely photos.

  7. The fact that the picture of the product is part of your work and what you do during the day totally counts! (I am sure there will be plenty amongst us during the year!) There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child, and I am extremely jealous of Snowdon.

  8. Your school run looks amazing – a bit cold tho! I love Ghost perfume – I’ll look out for your gift guide #365

  9. Product pictures totally count. I am in awe at the idea of doing a Valentines Gift Guide – only just getting over the Christmas gift guides trauma – I might not bother next year.

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