365 Project: Week One

Two of my goals this year was to improve my photography and write more organic content for my blog. By joining in with the 365 Project, I am working towards both of them. It involves me taking a photograph – of absolutely anything – every day for the whole year.

I did try joining in with this back in 2015 but I became a little disheartened after about 4 months. At the time, the only camera that I had was my old iPhone camera, and we lived in a dingy, dark terraced house. It was almost impossible to take even a semi-decent photo at times, so I gave up. Not this time though!

Every week – probably on a Sunday, I’ll do a post showing my photos from that week. Sometimes they will be of the kids, sometimes they will be landscape or beach shots, other times they might be just random things. Hopefully, on January 1st next year, I’ll be able to look back and see the progression in my photos as well as having kept a good photo record of our day to day lives.

Week One

Monday 1st January

This was taken shortly before bedtime because I very nearly forgot – that would have been a good start to the project, eh? We hadn’t done much, other than start to take the decorations down and watch a film. The kids are obsessed with their policeman dressing up outfits that my nan bought them months ago, so there were lots of arrests happening throughout the day as well. Judging by this photo, Harrison’s desperately needs to go in the washing machine!

Tuesday 2nd January

Yes – they’re still wearing their Christmas jumpers! They’ve been a funny pair this holiday, switching between really close and constantly snuggled up to one another to bickering and arguing. They were sitting down watching Jaws – a favourite film of theirs!

Wednesday 3rd January

Today we were absolutely battered by Storm Eleanor. The worst of it hit throughout the night and early morning, with big scary-sounding flood warnings for the promenade. However, by lunchtime, it had died down enough for us to get our coats on and walk across to Asda. We quickly popped by the beach (at the bottom of Asda carpark!) to see the huge waves crashing on the beach. It was SO noisy! This is about as close as we could get and it doesn’t do the enormity of the waves any justice!

Thursday 4th January

We went for a very much needed bike ride (me walking!) and play at the park today. There was a short window of blue skies and sunshine so we got round there as quickly as we could – we had the place to ourselves. Minutes after walking through the door afterwards the heavens opened, so it was excellent timing!

Friday 5th January

We went for another walk down to the beach today, which was thankfully a lot calmer. The kids had a paddle in the sea in their wellies and spent a happy hour climbing the rocks, burning off a bit of energy!

Saturday 6th January

Today was a bit of a boring one. We couldn’t go out this morning as we were waiting for a mechanic to come out and look at our car (it looks like the cambelt needs replacing!). We also needed to do some housework and go shopping. In between all the little jobs, the kids played dress- up and I got on with some work. I’ve spent some time planning out some posts and blocking out time for particular tasks in an attempt to get organised. Doing it all in my beautiful notebook that Simon and Charlotte from Whisky and Milkshakes bought me for Christmas makes it much nicer!


Project 365: A photo every day for a year.

Project 365

16 thoughts on “365 Project: Week One”

  1. Welcome to 365, I look forward to getting to know you and your family.
    I love living near a beach, a great way to blow the cobwebs away. I never understand people you see on the news risking getting swept away by the huge waves as they crash over the sea wall, quite right not to go to near.
    Great snugly brother pictures, but that sounds typical of siblings friend to foe in 5 seconds flat

  2. How fantastic to live so close to the sea and make use of it all year round, but i bet it gets busy in the summer. we live in Dubai and our beaches are really boring here, just sand, no rocks and certainly no waves to watch from a distance, i envy you having actual real weather, look forward to reading more during 2018

  3. Welcome back to 365. Your boys are getting big now aren’t they? Good luck with getting organised – I have plans that way too this year.

  4. I’m attempting to complete project 365 this year also – for much of the same reasons as you. It’ll be lovely to look back on too.

    Cute capture of the boys snuggled up together, and I just love both beach photos. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

  5. I’m looking forward to reading you Project 365 posts – your beach shots are really good! We had car issues this week too – great timing just after Christmas isn’t it? Love the planner !

  6. I love your photos, they are fab. The beach ones are stunning. Sorry about the car issues. The planner looks fab. Happy new year x #365

  7. I’m looking forward to seeing your life in north Wales, especially lots of lovely beach shots! We’ll help each other get past the 4 month mark, as I need to get back into the swing of things and build the routine.

  8. Welcome back I hope you manage to complete it this year, I haven’t managed to complete a year yet but maybe 2018 is the one! Oh my goodness, a proper beach! Where I live in the States we have “beaches” but just not the same as growing up on the South East Coast with beaches. 🙂

  9. We can keep each other going as I have yet to finish an entire year! Although you are definitely doing better than me on the organisation front, it’s already the 11th and I have gotten nowhere near setting out any plans!!

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