Project 365: Week 7

Last week ended with Harrison being sick. This one started with Alex being sick. My poor washing machine has struggled to cope with the extra washing – and not having a tumble drier makes things twice as hard!

February 8th

day 39

This morning, Graham popped round to Tescos to get some milk, and came back with this chocolate rose. We don’t celebrate Valentines Day usually so it was quite a nice little surprise!

February 9th

day 40

This was a spur of the moment snap, with just 1% of my phone battery left – but turned out to be a photo I just want to look at forever. It was the first time Benjamin had joined his brothers in the bath – I just can’t believe how much they look alike!

February 10th

day 41

Alex absolutely point blank refuses to wear his own hat – but will quite happily wear daddy’s!

February 11th

day 42

I was always worried about how Alex would react to Ben – he’s at a funny age and is still a little ‘clingy’ at times, but when I see him go to give him a kiss before he goes out, I know I worried for nothing – he adores him!

February 12th

day 43

I’m the only one in our house that takes photos, so the only pictures I get of me are selfies. My hair was scraped into a messy ponytail and my make up from the morning was smudged, but I love this photo of me with my biggest and littlest boys!

February 13th

day 44

Normally Alex doesn’t seem to care that Harrison isn’t there when he is at nursery, but today he started crying, saying ‘I miss ‘arry, he come back’. Midway through his tantrum, he fell asleep smack bang in the middle of the room. He slept like this until Harrison came home – and then it was like he hadn’t seem him for months. He was all over him, cuddling and kissing him. Ten minutes later they were bickering…

February 14th

day 45

We don’t have a double pushchair, so sometimes most of the time, Graham ends up carrying Alex on his shoulders, which isn’t exactly comfortable, and it scares me. One of my friends gave us this fab back carrier for him, and it is brilliant. It’s much more comfy for both of them – quite often Alex drops off in it!


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4 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 7”

  1. the bath picture is fab, a great family remembrance of his first bath with the older ones.
    Lovely to see Alec with Ben , it always amazes me how siblings have so much love for each other.
    Oh dear at the temper tantrum.
    That back carrier looks handy

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