Project 365: Week 5

Another week of Project 365…and a whole month completed!

January 25th 

day 25

After a pretty rubbish weekend, Alex chilled us all out by demanding we sing every nursery rhyme under the sun – this was ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’.

January 26th

Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee (and their skinny, extra shot vanilla lattes in particular) are my absolute weakness. This was my reward for doing a big shop!

January 27th

day 27

Last week we received a big box of Baker Ross craft goodies, and today we had fun making some Easter puppets (yes, I know it is only January!)

January 28th

Doner Kebab Fakeaway Slow Cooker

I’ve never been very good at taking photos of food, especially food I’ve cooked – presentation has never been my finest point in the kitchen! However, I obviously did a good enough job on this photo as so many people have asked for the recipe (which I will blog about soon!).

January 29th

day 29

Alex is absolutely obsessed with cars, trucks and lorries, and this digger is his favourite at the moment – I’m constantly tripping over it!

January 30th

day 30

A very rare photo of our anti-social cat, Bobby. He usually comes home for food and then disappears out for the rest of the day, but lately he has been coming in and sleeping in a box in the living room.

January 31st

day 31

Today we had a spur of the moment playdate with Jake and Jess. Their mum is one of the mums from school and we clicked as soon as we met. Jake is a couple of years older than Harrison and Jess is a few months older than Alex, but they all play beautifully together.

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4 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 5”

  1. Awe excellent week. I will be keeping an eye out for that recipe it looks delicious and its lovely when you can have play dates especially when the children and parents get along!

  2. its nice when you find another mum you just click with and your children all get on, I had some great mummy mates when my children were young, sadly we have al moved on with our lives and moved to other areas.
    Dont blame the cat, its far to cold to be going out!!
    My food looks bad in pictures as well, its not the food its the way I just throw it on the plate – but it usually tastes good.
    Always wonder why costa have about six hundred or so different coffees-after all they are only water, coffee and milk.
    Thank you for linking to Project 365

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