A Boy and A Dog | My Sunday Snapshot

All the kids (and Graham and me) are dog lovers. Because we live in a rented house, and because we just don’t have the time to devote to a dog, we have two cats instead.

When my mum and dad come to visit, they bring their two dogs, Tilly and Tyson. I’ve written about Tilly on the blog before – she has epilepsy. I don’t think I have really talked about Tyson much. He’s around nine years old and is the most beautiful and calm Staffie. Last November, he had a stroke, which affected his back rather than his brain. It left him partially paralyzed and for a long time, he had almost no use in his back legs. Thanks to sheer determination from Tyson, hydrotherapy sessions and at home physio, he’s a lot better and can walk and run, although slightly oddly! He wears a harness which means he can be picked up if his feet drag, which they do occasionally but he’s never let it hold him back. He’s a pretty inspirational dog!

When Tyson and Tilly are here, the boys all argue over who can hold them when they go for a walk. They’re the perfect dogs to have around the kids – they’re gentle and loyal and love nothing more than being cuddled and petted.

11 thoughts on “A Boy and A Dog | My Sunday Snapshot”

  1. How lovely that Tyson can still have a full life after his stroke. thats amazing and full credit to him and your parents for getting him there!

  2. What a lovely photo and story. It’s heartwarming to read about loving and devoted pet owners who go the extra mile even when hope for a full recovery is slim.

  3. Poor Tyson. So young to have a stroke. Yo can see from the photo and your lovely post just how loved both dogs are.

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