Playing Cars {The Ordinary Moments}

Having three little boys, cars and diggers are a huge part of our lives. One of the first toys Harrison ever played with was a car, pushing it up and down the carpet. We now have a huge toybox full of ‘big cars’ and a storage box full of smaller ‘matchbox’ style cars.

Everywhere you look in our house, you can probably find a car. Every surface is a road.

Playing Cars {The Ordinary Moments} |

Last week, when Harrison was at school, Alex and Benjamin brought the box of cars and diggers into the living room and spent a happy hour sitting next to each other playing.

Playing Cars | www,

Playing Cars |

There was lots of ‘brumming’ and ‘beeping’, and certainly lots of smashing, but it was lovely to sit there and watch them just playing with and alongside one another.


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