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I can’t take credit for most of these photos – they’re my dad’s! I simply felt too rubbish to get my camera out over the Christmas holidays, thanks to a nasty sinus infection. However, we did manage to get out and about to the beach while my parents were up.

In 2019, we didn’t get out quite as often as I would have liked. Pregnancy drained me too much to do more than hobble to the local park or beach and having a newborn always makes it a little more difficult to get out. That’s going to change this year. We are going to try and get out every weekend and go on lots of adventures, just as we did when we first moved here!

The Ordinary Moments

7 thoughts on “A Trip To The Beach |The Ordinary Moments”

  1. I am sorry that you were feeling poorly, hopefully you are feeling better now ♥ A trip to the beach, well a warm beach since ours are always cold and windy, sounds absolutely wonderful.

  2. I hope you’re feeling better now, there is so much going round at the moment. Wishing you a very happy 2020. Linking up with #theordinarymoments

  3. I hope you feel better now. Your Dad takes good pictures! I’m sure now that your baby is growing it will become easier to enjoy more time out and about.

  4. So sorry you were poorly over Christmas – we were full of it too! Hopefully this year will be full of adventures for you all x

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