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For Christmas, Ben had a set of phonics dominoes. We hadn’t had a chance to play with them before, but one night last week after school, we made a big jug of steaming hot chocolate, a little tub of treats and sat at the table to play them, helped, of course, by his big brothers.

They were all so fiercely competitive against one another, but once I left them to play by themselves, it was lovely hearing them help Ben when he got stuck. That’s the great thing about these three; they bicker and argue to the point that we often have to send them to separate parts of the house, but when one of them needs help, or one of them does something really good, they always have each other’s backs, helping or praising or bigging each other up – and that’s what being a sibling is all about, isn’t it?

The Ordinary Moments

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  1. I’ve never seen dominoes like that, how neat! Also, it is so wonderful watching how well older brothers do with their younger siblings. We have three boys and can definitely attest to how much they can bicker! However, when it all boils down they are so great at helping and encouraging each other.

  2. Those are really great. I’ve never seen them before but think they’d be a great addition for my little one xx #ordinarymoments

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