Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser | Review

Harrison, Alex and Benjamin are all huge, HUGE fans of Paw Patrol. It’s on most days in our house and I have to admit it’s one of the very few kid’s cartoons that I don’t actually mind! When we were offered the chance to review a Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser, I knew the boys would be so excited, and when it turned up, it was like Christmas Day here. They were so excited!

Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser

The Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser (RRP £44.99) comes with a Robo Dog figure, Robo Dog’s vehicle and a mission card, which is a great start to any imaginative play and adventures. We were also sent a couple of extra figures and cars (£9.99 each) to extend the play value. We had Sky and Rubble, with their vehicles. In the pictures, I’ve had to pop a Zuma we had from another set in the car because Rubble decided to go off on an adventure by himself. We’ve found him since – he had sneaked into a different toy box! Each set also contains a mission card which could be put in the top of the Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser, turning the vehicle into a control centre for each mission. There is a compartment in the end of the Mission Cruiser that opens up to store spare mission cards and additional pups too.

Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser

The Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser holds up to three pups and their vehicles, meaning when it’s not being played with it can all be kept together. I like toys like that! There are buttons on the pack to press down to open the doors and launch the vehicles down the ramps. There’s also a drivers cab for one of the Pups.

Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser

The boys have really enjoyed playing with it this half term – there have been a few squabbles over it, but it’s been useful to remind them that Paw Patrol is all about friendship and working together!

Paw Patrol toys are set to be amongst the best sellers for preschool children this year – and I think my preschooler and his two older brothers can definitely vouch for it being a whole lot of fun – after all, no job is too big, no pup is too small for the new Mission PAW pups!

If your children are Paw Patrol fans they can watch the new Mission PAW episodes on Nick Jnr every week. Find out more here.

*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are our own.


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