National Stationery Week

I’ve written before about how much of a stationery geek I am before.  I love new notebooks, pens, post-it notes and planners. I’m not usually one to celebrate ‘days’ or ‘weeks’ for things, but National Stationery Week is one I can definitely get on board with! It kicked off on Monday 25th April, and celebrates all things stationery.

In a world where digital technology rules, many of us could probably go days, or even weeks without needing to write something down. I know in the period between leaving work and starting blogging I barely wrote a thing. My rather sizeable collection of notebooks, pens and post-it’s sat on a shelf gathering dust.

Stationery in my everyday life

Every morning, I have a quick look through my planner to see what is happening that day. With various things going on at school and at work, and my freelance and blogging deadlines to meet, I would be absolutely lost without my planner. It’s an A5 one from Paperchase, which I have customised slightly. The existing diary pages didn’t have any space for notes, and I needed somewhere for a weekly to-do list.It was also a little bit scruffy, with lots of scribbles which made me a little edgy.  I spent a couple of hours printing out and sticking some planner pages that I found online over the top, and it works much better for me now. The planner, even though it is quite chunky goes absolutely everywhere with me, and I feel a bit lost without it!

National Stationery Week |

I don’t really have any special pens, but I do have a bit of a thing about free pens. For some reason, they seem to write the nicest! Being a blogger,  I seem to get loads of free pens in various goody bags from events. In the summer, I’m planning on starting a bullet journal (just an excuse for more stationery to be honest!) and will treat myself to some pretty coloured pens then.

Notebooks are my weakness – if I see a nice one I can’t help but buy it, even if I do have six blank ones at home. I’ve recently been sent a beautiful leather journal from Pen Heaven, which I can’t wait to use. I do make myself wait until I have finished one notebook before moving onto the next one. I write in notebooks quite a lot – I often draft blog posts in there because I find it easier to get my words down on paper and then type it up later.

National Stationery Week |

Post it notes are one of my weaknesses. I can’t resist a cute or quirky set! When I was teaching I used them quite a lot with the kids. Now I use them to make writing boring reminders a little bit more fun. I have ones that are shaped like hearts, cars, hands, arrows, stars. They’re not always the most practical, but boy, are they cute! In my planner I tend to stick to the usual small square ones, and always have some in the pocket.

National Stationery Week |

Encouraging the kids

We encourage Harrison, Alex and even Ben to write at every opportunity they can, and Harrison is already showing signs of being a mini stationery geek – he has a notebook collection to rival mine, and nothing makes him happier than sitting down with my pens and a notebook, and a few sneaky post it notes to write his ‘important stuff’, and I am so, so glad that he has such an enthusiasm for writing. Alex has just learnt to write some of the letters in his name, and we are finding ‘A’ written on just about every piece of paper in the house. Even Ben gets on board, making marks in my notebook or on paper with crayons and pencils. As important it is for children to be proficient on computers, I think being able to write, and have that love and passion for writing is so important. What better excuse is there than that for buying lovely new stationery?


5 thoughts on “National Stationery Week”

  1. I to love stationary and am a teacher (I think it comes hand in hand). This post has inspired me to dig out my organiser and write things down! I have double booked myself twice in the past couple of weeks! Xxx

  2. Loving it all! Those post-it notes are especially cute, they’d definitely brighten my studying up! Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep and do feel free to share any papery snaps on IG with us with the #bringbackpaper hash tag 🙂

  3. I’m the same when it comes to blog notes – it’s pen and paper all the way! And then a pencil and highlighters for my blog diary and a few notes on paper clipped in the back. it comes everywhere with me too…. I can’t be doing with electronic diaries for personal use either.

  4. Love the post-it notes. My problem with pretty stationery is that I don’t like parting with it, so my pile of pretty post-its is just growing! #PaperyPeep

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