A Mom’s Seven-Point Guide to Online Learning, Teaching Kids at Home

The COVID-19 crisis has rewritten the daily lives of families all around the world. School closures everywhere due to the pandemic have affected 60 percent of the student population across the globe, according to the UNESCO.

For moms who have no experience teaching their children at home, it is a challenge to suddenly assume the role of primary educators or overseers of their academic progress. The same can be said with kids who may have gotten used to learning in a classroom setting. 

While online learning has its challenges, it also has opportunities. School days don’t have to be as rigid and as tedious as they were before, and the internet is a vast source of learning materials on top of schoolbooks and modules. 

Without further ado, here are practical tips for facilitating online learning at home. 

Points 1 and 2: Get Your Tech and Finances Ready

Computers and internet connection are the centerpieces of e-learning. You may have to start from scratch, buying a laptop or tablet, and getting an internet plan. Or you upgrade to a faster device and a more reliable connection. Either case requires you to shell out for those things to ensure your kids can have a comfortable and productive home-learning environment. 

Running a small business from home is one way to help you out with those hidden costs and other expenses arising from the current setup. You can set up an online shop such that it’s convenient for you to operate while you tend to the kids’ schooling. If you want to know more, take advantage of a free trial offer.

Point 3: Create Your Classroom

It can be a nook in your study, their playroom, or somewhere conducive to taking their online classes. Equip this classroom with boards, pens and papers, books, and other paraphernalia. As much as possible, make this classroom an educational and fun space for schoolwork and related activities. Get them comfortable tables and chairs too.  

Point 4: Learn from Your Kids and Others

Your children have practically grown up with technology and can be your teacher to help you navigate the new stuff, such as distance-learning solutions and education technology. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand and ask the school or the teachers questions regarding the apps and platforms. Read up, ask questions, and give yourself time to understand the workings of online learning.

Point 5: Schedule, but Be Flexible

Having a daily routine, as they do in school, gives the kids a sense of normalcy. Structure the school day around your kids’ needs and yours, given your responsibilities at home, work, and business. This school day can mix indoor learning with outdoor activities to reduce screen time and to give them time to play. 

Point 6: Prepare Tasty, Healthy Meals 

It’s the perfect time to change your children’s eating habits for the better. Serve them with delicious yet nutritious snacks between classes. You can prepare their meals a week or two before, or you can go for easy-to-do recipes using what’s in the fridge. There are also healthy desserts to celebrate everyday wins in your class. Good food is certainly a great motivation for them to do their schoolwork.

Point 7: Check on Yourself

Are you doing fine? Is the responsibility of taking over your children’s schooling too much for you? Take a moment to pause. Talk with your partner on arrangements that will be most beneficial to all. As this teacher once said, you and other parents who are in the same situation are not alone. Feel free to open up about your concerns with the school or the teachers.

Set Realistic Expectations for Yourself and the Kids 

Consider this an eighth tip and in connection to the point above. It may help ease your burden to set realistic expectations regarding your new role. Teachers don’t have the easiest jobs, and they become great at what they do after years of experience. They never stop learning, and you should too.

In the same way, learn to set reasonable goals for the kids. They also have to adjust and cope with the changes brought by the unprecedented times. Your goal, for now, is to get them on board and continue their education at home.

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