One Lure to Catch Them All: 5 Game-Changing Ice Fishing Lures

It doesn’t take long in a sporting goods store before it becomes obvious there are a lot of jigs and lures available for ice fishing. Even beginners can benefit from the selection of lures that could be called “standard” among them. But for experienced ice fishermen, there are always favorites.

Nearly everyone starts out with a few what could be called fundamental lures and jigs, but there are others that totally change the game of ice fishing. That’s what this article is about. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced ice fisherman, what follows are five game-changers for when looking for ice jigs.

Tungsten Jig in a Soft Plastic

For any ice fisherman with bluegill on their mind, a tungsten jig with soft plastic can’t be beaten. These jigs are denser than lead jigs, so they are heavier, even when they are smaller in size. There’s nothing better than smaller and heavier when fishing for bluegill. Many fishermen put larvae plastic on this along with a few larvae spikes.

Diamond Jig in a Soft Plastic

When it comes to catching crappie and trout, there are few strategies that will top a diamond jig with soft plastic, especially when it’s in firetiger green. This is such a great jig that it should be classified as an explosive since it attracts roaming fish like they were made for it. This one also has the advantage of being of a larger profile so time isn’t wasted on smaller fish who might just happen by. If you want to add a little more appeal, use a single live wax worm for insurance.

Demon Jig in a Live Bait

Any ice fisherman who is looking for a jig that will catch fish coming and going will do well with this arrangement, which is a combination of a spoon and a jig head. This one will give your jig a flash as well as the look of a live minnow. The advantage here is whether you set this up under a stick or a tip-up, you will catch fish. The glow that this one gives off is amazing and will attract either pike or walleye.

Curved Flutter Spoon

If you happen to be fishing in clear water, it’s always a good idea to use a lure that will take advantage of that clarity, which is precisely what this one does. This spoon will reflect light as soon as it hits the water. And, if you attach a snap to the end, it will give full motion to the fluttering action of this lure. If that isn’t enough, keep picking it up and dropping it to gain lots of attention.

Jigging Lure

Anyone who likes to fish at night is probably always on the lookout for a lure that will not only work under those conditions but will also attract fish from far away. This one will do great exactly like that. Fins on this type of lure will make it swim like a fish and attract all kinds of attention while it’s doing that.

No ice fisherman can resist a good lure, especially when it’s made special for ice fishing. These five are sure to please even the most discriminating ice fisherman, not to mention make them a better one…

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