Meal Planning Monday 8/1/18

The second week of January already! Christmas already feels like months ago – the Christmas tree has long gone and the kids are back to school tomorrow (hurrah!). Alex and Ben both seem to be going through growth spurts and are eating us out of house and home at the moment – I’m not complaining though because they’re both more willing to try new things at the moment as well.

Meal Plan Week Two

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

Beer battered fish and chips with mushy peas


Chicken curry and rice

Slow Cooker Donner Kebab

Tuna pasta bake

Pitta bread pizzas and baked potatoes

Cottage pie with sweet potato and swede mash topping

For more meal planning inspiration, head over to Katy Kicker and The Organised Life Project

Meal Planning Inspiration 8/1/18

4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 8/1/18”

  1. It is great when they are willing to try new foods, isn’t it! Thanks for linking up – great dinners here. Love the sound of the pitta bread pizzas… I’m going to give these a go with Daisy one day for lunch!

  2. Pitta bread pizza sounds exciting. Weirdly I don’t really like takeaway pizza bit I really enjoy homemade ones so I’ll definitely be looking this up

  3. This is a lovely meal plan. My boys have been eating so much as well, it’s a relief when they go back to school sometimes!

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