The Ordinary Moments: Nursery Rhymes and Air Guitars

We didn’t have a very nice weekend. We’d planned to sort out the spare room and the cupboard under the stairs, and if the weather was nice, take the kids to the park. Other than shuffling a few boxes about, we did none of these. By late Sunday afternoon. the kids hadn’t had their usual nap, we’d all had at least one temper tantrum each and were all a bit tense.

Suddenly, Alex climbed onto Graham’s lap, and started singing ‘Row the Boat’. Before we knew it, we were all singing every nursery rhyme we could think of – ‘Row the Boat’, ‘Ring o’ Roses’ and ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ being the current favourites.

Nursery Rhymes


26-1 Harrison, Alex and Graham


Harrison then gave us a performance of the ‘sit down’ song they sing at school, before demanding we play his new favourite game – air guitars.


This game consists of Harrison going around every person in the room and giving them an air guitar. We then have to wait for him to go and turn on the ‘moosic’ before we play our guitars. When he turns off the ‘moosic’, he then comes around and collects up all the guitars, before repeating the process again. This keeps him amused for ages!!

They were such ordinary and simple things to do, but those mad few minutes of singing and dancing chilled us all out and made things right again!


23 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments: Nursery Rhymes and Air Guitars”

  1. Love the video! We all have a bit of a tantrum at times. I’m glad Alex was able to start off all the fun to brighten your weekend. There is always next weekend to do the things you planned.

  2. moments like these make you forget all those awful ear piercing headache giving screams and tantrums heart warming post hope you have a better weekend this week x

  3. What a fab post, sometimes we just have a day off and dont go out we have lots of fun with the kids.

  4. Kids… can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Seriously though, I credit my kids for making me more than I thought I could be; moments like these remind us how lucky we truly are.

  5. Our weekends seem to be full of arguments and tantrums and it is these little moments that make those disappear isn’t it. Hope this weekend is full of more fun and laughter x

  6. Singing seems to cure most grumps and arguments in our house – even though I’m not so tuneful – and they love to hear daddy play guitar too 🙂

  7. Ah this is lovely and you are right, sometimes you just need an ordinary moment to realise that you can turn the day around and be smiley again. Our weekends or days go like this sometimes. x

  8. Thats so lovely! Just as you were at your wits end you were whisked away to nursery rhyme land. Can just imagine it now! A moment of madness can always make things better! Glad things turned around for you.
    Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday co-host xx

  9. Jaxon is too small at the moment but I’m excited to see what his imagination has in store for us as he grows up. So far we’re at the “toys being exciting” stage. Chris and Jaxon were in Toys R Us on Sunday while I grabbed a drink from another shop. They’d been looking at the toys while they were in there and Chris had got him a new toy (he decided that Jaxon doesn’t have enough noisy toys!) Well Jaxon was getting very possessive and scrunched up his face like he was going to cry when Chris tried to pay for the new toy and when I tried to take it out of the packaging when we got to the car we nearly had a full on tantrum (well that is if six month olds can have a tantrum lol) #mummymonday

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