Troubleshooting Common Safari Issues In Remote Working

Remote working provides the employee flexibility to work under favorable conditions. It does not matter whether you have set up a home office or not; as long as you are in a comfort zone, it will accelerate your productivity. 

In fact, according to statistics, approximately 77% of the employees working from home showed an increase in their efficiency. 

However, there are two sides to the coin. While employees enjoy less stress, better work-life balance, and financial savings, they often have to deal with technical issues on their own. 

Stating the obvious, dealing with frequent IT issues, especially related to safari, even if they are minor, consumes lots of time and energy for a non-technical person. Though, you need not worry! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the common safari issues and measures to resolve them. So, let’s begin. 

Lack Of Response

Sometimes you may encounter issues such as safari not responding to the commands or “Safari can’t establish a secure connection” when browsing. Such scenarios can cause frustration while working and affect an important meeting or project. 

Fortunately, troubleshooting this issue is pretty easy. You can visit to learn how to do it. Nevertheless, safari fails to establish a secure connection when your internet is not working properly, or the site is unsafe. So, you should check the internet connection. If it is working, you have to work on the Mac itself to resolve the issue. 

Slow Performance

It is not rare to observe safari performing slowly due to gazillions of open tabs or extensions. However, if this issue is frequent, it could be due to the following issues:

  • Excessive cache and website data
  • Search engine suggestions 
  • Safari plugins 

Whatever the cause may be, it is likely to impact your performance. Therefore, you should take the steps given below: 

  • Close the unnecessary tabs
  • Remove website data: 
    • Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove all 
  • Disable search suggestions: 
    • Safari > Preferences > Search > Uncheck “Include search engine suggestions.” 
  • Remove plugins altogether: 
    • Finder > Go > Go To Folder > Enter /Library/Internet Plug-ins > Move to Trash. 

Safari Crashes 

There are numerous reasons safari might crash while you are working. Some of the issues stated above could also lead to unexpected crashes. An easy way out of this situation would be: 

  • Use fewer tabs when browsing. 
  • Use safari incognito 
    • File > New Private Window
  • Relaunch safari (Cmd + Q) or (Cmd + Option + Esc)
  • Upgrade your browser
  • Clear the history and remove the cache. 
  • Stop the push notification.
    • Safari > Preferences > Websites > Notifications (Here, you can turn off anything you don’t want to receive notifications from.)

Apart from these suggestions, it would be best to prioritize your tasks on Mac and avoid multitasking. Though the slow performance of Mac or safari is uncommon, following the simplest measures would be great. 

To Sum It All Up

Mac is the preferred choice of employees due to its excellent performance. However, in order to ensure its smooth operation, it is critical that you regularly clean the cache and junk files; while keeping the system up to date. Agree or not, this small trick will do the job and save you from hassle.

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