Talacre Lighthouse #MySundayPhoto

We have just got back from a few days away with my family in North Wales. The local beach is absolutely breathtaking and the lighthouse, which has stood locked up and unused for more than a century is both incredibly beautiful and eerie at the same time.

Talacre Lighthouse #MySundayPhoto | www.coffeecakekids.com

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18 thoughts on “Talacre Lighthouse #MySundayPhoto

  1. Beautiful photo. I love the colour palette and composition. They really draw your attention to the lighthouse with it’s red top 🙂

  2. Oh what a lovely photo. I used to go to North Wales a lot as a child and we haven’t been for a while, so we may well head that way before school starts in September.

  3. I live Talacre Beach, it is very sheltered in the Winter and makes for a lovely frosty walk. Yes, I agree the lighthouse can look quite eerie especially in misty weather. A great photo – good luck with your move xx

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