Meal Planning Monday 8/10/17

We stuck mostly to the plan last week, but on Friday night we decided to go out after school and came home late – we ended up with a good old freezer food tea – breaded chicken breasts, oven chips and spaghetti hoops.We all actually really enjoyed it and there were clean plates all round. I realised that it’s absolutely fine to resort to a meal like that once in a while! I also cooked my first roast chicken the other day. It sounds awful, but I’ve never done it before. Graham is the better cook in our house and he’s always done it. I managed it and it tasted yummy though.

This Week’s Meal Plan

Chicken Chasseur and Mashed Potato

Corned beef hash and beans

Tuna pasta bake

Takeaway (possibly Macdonalds – Harrison has a choir event at 6pm!)

Sausage casserole, mash and veg

Homemade chicken pie and sweet potato mash

Pork roast dinner


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