Meal Planning Monday #3

Last week we again managed to mostly stick to the plan. We should have had a pork roast dinner on Monday, which we originally should have had on Sunday. However, Ben was poorly and was kept in the hospital Sunday night. When it came to starting dinner on Monday, we were both knackered and neither of us felt up to either cooking or eating a roast dinner. We ended up ordering a Chinese takeaway instead. I think that was pretty justified, though! I’ve made it pretty easy on myself for next week as well, by cooking some of the meals and the mashed potatoes already and sticking them in the freezer – like homemade ready meals!

Meal Planning Monday

Here is this week’s plan:

Monday: Chickpea and Potato Curry with Rice and Poppadoms (inspired by my vegan friends’ food diary)

Tuesday: Sausage and mash in Yorkshire Puddings with gravy and veg

Wednesday: Fakeaway kebab, chips and salad

Thursday: Sweet and sour chicken with egg noodles

Friday: Pizza, Wedges and Coleslaw

Saturday: Homemade sweetcorn and potato cakes with gammon

Sunday: Butter chicken and rice

One thought on “Meal Planning Monday #3”

  1. I love reading these sorts of posts, as I am so tired of trying to think of things for meal times that everyone will actually eat. I’m bored of cooking in all honesty, but mostly I just need some inspiration I think.

    Stevie x

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