Meal Planning Monday 17/12/18

This will be my last meal planning post this side of Christmas, because this time next week it will be CHRISTMAS EVE! We all know what the meal plan for that week will be – turkey, pigs in blankets (anyone else think that is the best bit of the meal?!), and all the mince pies, wine and cheese you can eat. I’ve gained a stone just thinking about it! It’s also a shorter one, as we are back in Birmingham over the weekend. 

As you can imagine, this week is a mad one. I’ve got Ben’s nursery nativity (which obviously I’m going to be a sobbing mess at!), Harrison and Alex have pantomime trips with school, we have a kids party one evening at a soft play centre in Rhyl,  school Christmas dinners, fun days and class parties. I’ve also got to remember to go and pick up my click and collect Christmas food shop on Friday, make sure everything is wrapped and pack for Birmingham on the weekend. I’m bolloxed just thinking about it!

Meal Planning Monday title

Meal Plan

Lasagne and garlic bread

Chicken nuggets, chips and beans

Beef stew with dumplings

Mozzerella stuffed chicken with sweet potato fries and roasted veg

Sausage, mash and beans

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