Making Memories for the Photo Album

One of the most fun things about making family memories is taking great pictures to look back on later. Every family should have a photo album, and not just one that you’ve uploaded to facebook! Here are a few ways you can make your family photo album look amazing with year book maker.

Focus On The Lighting

Making sure the lighting is right for pictures can make a huge difference to your family photo album. If you’re taking pictures when the sun is too bright, they just aren’t going to look as good as they potentially could. Natural lighting is great, but the sun should not be beaming down.

Pay More Attention To The Background

If you have a busy background, pictures could be distracting. It can sometimes make a better picture when you change the background up a little. This is an especially great way to make sure your loved ones are taking centre stage.

Take Some Candid Shots

All of your pictures shouldn’t be posed. Candid shots can really show off the energy of a situation and how much fun you are having. Snap away and don’t worry too much about what everybody looks like. You could even put your camera on a timer and just forget about it to see how the pictures turn out.

Embrace The Selfie

The selfie isn’t something you’d usually see in a family photo album, but hey, it’s 2017. Embrace the selfie and you might just take some fun and cute pictures together. Plus, you can’t deny that kids love them! Here are some selfie tips that could help:

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2 thoughts on “Making Memories for the Photo Album”

  1. I always try and take “sneaky” photos of people being natural rather than posing. They usually turn out OK!

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