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If you love a good movie night, you have probably come across La La Land. For those who have only heard of it through the Oscars’ mixup or the media, it may be easy to assume that this is the land of songs in Los Angeles. After all, it is a musical comedy. If you have watched the film, you probably don’t regret suspending your belief for a moment and travelling to this magical place. But have you considered suspending your routine to travel to other wonderful places, that – to stay in the playful La La Land theme – all start with an L too? Imagine stepping out of your everyday habits and discovering a new world of marvels and possibilities? This is exactly what travelling is about. And no matter what age, it remains a magical experience for all – unless your flight gets cancelled but that’s a story for another time.

Lapland – Just Because You Need Some Magic In Your Life

Lapland is a sparsely populated, northern region in Finland. It shares borders with Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. But its geographical borders are not the reasons for the huge interest in Lapland. Its climate is. Lapland is a snowy region of Finland – admittedly all of Finland is a snowy region in winter – that hides Santa’s village for the greatest joy of children. Imagine staying in glass igloos in Lapland, stroking a reindeer during your morning wander, and practising your ski moves in the afternoon. This is exactly why this little region is so popular among families. It offers a dream in white for parents and children to cherish. If you are looking to go, pick the Christmas period: You will have a fantastic time in Santa’s village.  

London – Just Because You Need To Kick Your Inner Urbanite Back To Life

Admittedly Lapland is a little far and maybe a little expensive. So what about London, the proud cultural capital of the UK? London never ceases to amaze visitors, whether these come from abroad or from next town. It’s a place full of possibilities, from seeing life-size dinosaurs in the science museum to spending an afternoon in the park. There is always something to see and to do in London, regardless of your age and your interest. If you are planning a couple of days, you could even watch a play or a musical to reconnect with the culture trends. More importantly, London can be very budget-friendly if you know where to look.

Lithuania – To Discard Your Soviet Misconceptions

Most people, when they hear about Lithuania imagine a Soviet nightmare. Lithuania has been an independent country since 1991. Surprisingly while you may never have been, you have probably already seen Lithuanian landscapes. The country is a big film set that has been used to represent Russia, the Sherwood forest, and even Tudor England. It’s an inexpensive visit at well, with a rich history and wonderful sites. Lithuania has several sites that are UNESCO protected. Also, they have a statue of Frank Zappa, and if you needed only one reason to visit Lithuania that would be that one.

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