Meal Planning Monday 23/9/19

Apparently, today is the first day of Autumn, and the weather outside is certainly supporting that! This week should be a relatively straightforward week – well, as straightforward as it can be with a cluster feeding five-week old! The boys are all off school on Friday for a teacher training day, so I’m hoping the weather will pick up so we can at least get out of the house for a walk on the beach.

Meal Planning Monday

Meal Plan

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Teriyaki salmon with rice and broccoli

Mac N Cheese with corn on the cob

Meatballs and pasta

Sweet potato and cauliflower curry with rice

Cottage pie with veg

Toad in the hole, mashed potato and beans

Roast dinner

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 23/9/19”

  1. mmm toad in the hole, one of my favourites. I might put that on the list for next weekend. I haven’t had teriyaki salmon for a while, but then my fussy daughter is not eating fish at the moment.

  2. Lovely range of meals and they seem to be very autumnal which I am loving. Toad in the hole is one which I have been meaning to make for a while now I wonder if I will get around to it. Thanks for sharing your lovely meals

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