How To Keep Your Spa Robes From Fading

You have just bought some brand-new Spa Robes, and you cannot wait to try them out. You feel all excited and feel like putting them on every chance you get. However, as you continuously wear your Spa Robes, you also have to wash them more. And here is where all the troubles come about.

However, in as much as you may think you are maintaining your Spa Robes and ensuring their longevity, you realize that their fabrics start fading and have this over-worn look. You should expect this to happen to even the best Spa Robes with the best fabrics. Over time, you realize that even the spa robes of the highest quality start fading.

However, there are many ways of ensuring you can prolong your Spa Robes’ longevity and use it for many more times.

Here are some essential tips you can use to ensure your Spa Robes are safe from fading and you use them longer.

Clean them sensibly

You might think that washing your Spa Robes more often helps keep them more hygienic. However, doing so, in most cases, backfires as Spa Robes fade a lot faster than most of the other clothing. You must realize that there is such a thing as over-washing and it greatly affects Spa Robes.

Most people would prefer that you treat your Spa Robes as you would your towels especially when it comes to washing them. This, however, only states that you should refrain from washing your Spa Robes too much. It does not tell you to stop washing them consistently. Remember, you also don’t want to end up with stinking, unhygienic Spa Robes simply because you do not want to wash them regularly. It is more about finding the meeting point. The point where you balance your Spa Robe cleaning routing with the robes’ composition.

Wash the Spa Robes according to their fabrics

By now, you should know Spa Robes come in different fabrics and materials. These different fabrics mean that you have to follow each of their specific washing instructions. Failure to do so, and you will have faded Spa Robes in your closet no sooner than you bought them.

  • Satin Spa Robes, for example, can be destroyed when washed in machines. This material is very delicate, and this forces you to have to hand-wash them. But then, some satin Spa Robes like Pink Kimono Satin and Satin Stripe are machine washable. All this can be quite confusing.
  • Velvet Spa Robes have specific care instructions that you must follow to maintain their features. In some cases, Spa Robes with this fabric may need to be dry-cleaned. However, you can use a washing machine to clean the crushed velvet robes. You only need to ensure you do not iron your velvet robes. Not unless you intend to damage its fibers.
  • Cotton Spa Robes may be the easiest ones to wash as they are extra durable fabrics by nature. Safe to say, you can go on ahead and use your washing machine to clean them without worrying. Not to mention that you can also use just about every detergent to clean them. However, it is still crucial to get all the necessary information about how to wash your cotton Spa Robes.
  • Polyester Spa Robes are similar to cotton robes. In that, you can also wash them in your washing machine. You can also professionally dry-clean some polyester Spa Robes without worrying about them fading. But still, you also have to check on the best cleaning method to use.

Care before and after washing your robes

You must know by now that if your clothing gets stained, you stand a higher chance of removing it when you clean it off immediately. However, this is not what happens when you stain your spa robe. In this case, you have to, first, use a stain remover on the stain spot before you wash it. This is an especially great option for cotton Spa Robes.

After washing your Spa Robes, you also have to work on how best to store them. Improperly storing your robes can also damage them. For satin robes, for example, you have to use padded hangers to hang them.

Washing tricks to prevent fading

It is not uncommon to see the dark-colored Spa Robes fade or get dull after some time. This why it is recommended that you always wash them inside out. Plus, you should also refrain from hang drying them in the sun. If, however, you feel you must hang dry your robes in the sun for some time, then it is recommended that you use the inside out technique to keep the outer sides of your robes from fading.

The sun can sometimes be very detrimental to colors. In this situation, it does not matter whether they are dark or light.

To keep your colored robe fabrics from fading, it is recommended that you wash them in cold water. Being that warm water extracts colors from fabrics. It is also crucial that you launder your colored Spa Robes for shorter periods. This also includes the amount of time that you take to soak your robes.

The luxe Spa Robe effect

Nothing feels as good as having a good pair of high-quality Spa Robes that are not only durable but also look and feel amazing on you. Each Spa Robe is manufactured differently especially when it comes to fabrics. And this makes it crucial that you know how to maintain it without interfering with its integrity.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of things you have to know when looking to keep your Spa Robes in great shape for longer. Most time, the issue comes about when it comes to washing your robes. Here is where most people go wrong. But if you know what to do and how to care for your robes, you can wear them for a lot longer without worrying about them fading. Everyone likes to have their beautiful-looking robes serving for longer. And following the steps mentioned above ensures this happens.

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