Getting ready for Christmas…in November!

So it is seven weeks to Christmas. Not very long, and I’m panicking. I feel absolutely ridiculous for worrying about Christmas when it’s not even mid-November! I’m not a ‘leave it until last minute’ person normally, but I’m also not one of these people who have everything bought and wrapped up by the beginning of November. I usually start buying bits and pieces from mid-November onwards, and then a week before Christmas have a big wrapping session. When people started getting hyped about Christmas before the 1st December it used to irritate me, but this year I find myself being one of those ones nearly wetting myself (well, I am 35 weeks pregnant, the pelvic floor isn’t all that at the moment!) at seeing the John Lewis and Coca-Cola adverts.

So what’s different this year?

Well, a huge part of it is to do with the fact that Benjamin’s due date falls exactly two weeks before Christmas Day. There is just no way I can leave the present shopping until December when I am a) heavily pregnant b) in labour c) have a newborn. Not happening. So I HAVE to get the presents done now. I’m not a massive fan of internet shopping but I think I may have to think about it soon. I’m trying to wrap presents up as I go along, and I’ve written all the Christmas cards out – a few just need posting out. So far we’ve only bought the kids presents, and I will get the rest of family/friends in the next week or so.

The kids have got:

  • Pair of Pyjamas each (which they will have Christmas Eve). However, today I found out the kids need to wear pjs to school on Friday for Children in Need, and as Harrison’s are all really short in the leg I may need to open these ones and get him some more for Christmas!
  • A toy kitchen between them from Beebies Baby Store
  • A train set


  • Harrison – a pair of jeans, two tops and a small Lego Kit
  • Alex – a Peppa Pig playset and some books

We don’t go too mad (I think) at Christmas as they get lots from grandparents and aunties and uncles, and to be honest, they have so many toys already! This year they will have stockings as well as we have somewhere to hang them so they will probably get something like chocolates and crayons in them.

For everyone else….no idea! Graham and I don’t tend to buy each other anything – in the New Year we will try and go out for a meal or something instead. Everyone knows that with a recent house move and a new baby we won’t be spending a fortune this year! This year we also have to think about buying some little presents for Harrison’s teachers – think they will have chocolates!

In terms of feeling Christmassy and doing ‘Christmas stuff’, I feel like I need to start that now. This is the first year Harrison really understands it all, and obviously, at some point there is going to be a bit of a disruption. I want to make the most of every free minute I can, so we are watching Christmas films, we are going to start doing Christmas crafts this week, and we will try to go to all the carol services and the switch on of the local lights. Harrison will also be doing his first Christmas assembly/play which I am praying I will be able to go!

We have always followed my mum and dads sort of tradition in putting the decorations up on the first weekend of December. Again, I have no idea if that is going to be any different this year but if we can, I want to stick to it. I am hoping Ben makes a slightly early appearance, at 37/38 weeks so we can try and be back to normal (or as much as possible) in December, but he comes when he comes!!


How are you getting ready for Christmas?



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