6 Restaurants to Visit In Liverpool One

One of the main reasons why we moved from Birmingham is that we hated living in a big city. We wanted to live somewhere that was much quieter, much smaller, much slower paced. Sometimes though, I do miss having a huge choice of shops and restaurants on our doorstep. Luckily, where we live now, we are only about half an hours drive from Liverpool, so when we do crave a bit of busy, we can pop over there.

At some point in the near future, we are hoping to leave the kids with a babysitter and escape for a much overdue date night. We’ll probably head over to the amazing Liverpool One. It’s right on the waterfront and has more than 170 shops, bars and restaurants, perfect for an evening out! There are some of our favourites there, and a few that are new to us.

6 Places to Eat in Liverpool One

Five Guys – I’m a big fan of Five Guys already. Decent burgers, proper chips, no frozen rubbish. Just good food! This one is situated out on a terrace so perfect for people watching. Also – did you know that, if you were to eat at Five Guys once a day, it would take you 684 years to try all the different burger and topping combinations? Pretty impressive, huh?

Turtle Bay – I’ve not tried much in the way of Caribbean food before, but what I have tried I’ve absolutely loved so this is somewhere I can’t wait to check out – especially the rum cocktails!

TGI Friday’s – TGI’s has always been a favourite of mine. We went for a meal at the Birmingham one on my 24th birthday. It was a bit of an epic night from what I can remember!

Barburrito – Tacos. Pulled Pork. Nachos. I doubt I need to say anything more other than YUM!

Cosy Club – The description of this restaurant intrigues me: ‘Think mansion splendour meets village hall eccentricity when you visit”. I desperately want to try their brunch menu. Lobster for brunch will do me any day!

Nandos – I absolutely cannot end this list without a mention of Nandos. Everyone loves a cheeky Nando’, right? (My dad surprised me recently – he’s hit his mid 50’s without ever partaking in a cheeky Nando’s. That needs sorting!).

Which Liverpool restaurants do you recommend?

*Collaborative post. Thanks to Michelle from Playdays and Runways for the photo of the terrace at Liverpool One, and to Vikki from Family Travel with Ellie for the photo of Liverpool. 




3 thoughts on “6 Restaurants to Visit In Liverpool One”

  1. It’s a while since I’ve been to Liverpool ONE
    Only an hour’s DRIVE from ME
    Great suggestions

  2. It sounds fantastic and with a beautiful view, and with over 170 shops I’d love a shopping day there, my fiance and I are well over due a date night too but with three children, our youngest only just 5 months old we don’t like leaving them so our date nights are usually a movie and takeaway at home while our children are in bed xxx

  3. We love Liverpool, it’s not too far from us & my husband and I have been a few times. We went for my birthday last year and stayed at the Titanic hotel and ate in the docks. Gusto restaurant, it was lovely.

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