Our First Month in Wales

Today marks a month (well, four weeks) since we upped and moved 130 miles away from Birmingham to North Wales, so I thought it was time to look back on how we have settled in and how we feel here.

I think I can definitely say that every single one of us absolutely loves it here, and I know that neither Graham or I have a single regret about moving. We already feel so much healthier and so much happier than we did in Birmingham. With views like this just a few minutes walk away, how can we not love where we live?


Harrison has settled into his new school brilliantly, and seems to be making lots of new friends. There were no spaces in nursery for Alex to begin with so he has been at home with us (and driving us insane!) but we had a call on Wednesday to tell us a place had become available. He starts on Monday and he’s so excited!


Family and friends aside, we haven’t missed anything about Birmingham. It’s so much quieter here, especially now most of the caravan sites have closed for the winter, and everything feels calmer. The thought of living in a busy city now would be my worst nightmare! We went back to Birmingham for the day in the half term, and whilst it was lovely seeing everyone, driving through the city made my stress levels shoot through the roof. I can’t say I wasn’t happy to be home at the end of the day.


My parents came up for a couple of days last weekend for Alex’s birthday and loved it here. They also hate Birmingham, and I don’t think it will be long at all before they are joining us here in Wales permanently with the dogs. We had a lovely couple of days, going for a long walk along the seafront and visiting the local market. The nice thing for us is that’s our new normal. I never dreamed that a normal Saturday for us would be going for a coffee at the harbour, or collecting sea shells on the beach, or going for a cup of tea in the mountains. So far, it’s been absolutely everything we have dreamed of – and more.


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