Finding The dentist North Sydney For Your Aging Parents In North Sydney

As parents get older, it’s important that they still see the dentist regularly to keep their teeth and gums healthy. But finding the right dentist North Sydney like KB Village Dental for aging parents in the North Sydney area takes some extra care. Here are tips to help pick a good dentist for elderly patients:

Look for Experience Treating Older Patients

Many regular dentists mainly see kids and younger adults. As people age, they face unique dental issues like root exposure, dry mouth, and tooth wear. Ask North Sydney dentist offices specifically about their experience treating and caring for seniors.

Choose a dentist that understands the dental needs of the elderly. They should offer checkups to monitor oral health as well as procedures like dentures, bridges, gum disease treatment and more. The right dentist will make older patients feel comfortable too.

Check If They Offer Special Amenities

Look for a North Sydney dental office that offers amenities geared towards elderly patients. For example, some have wheelchair ramps for easier access. Others have special chairs that let patients more easily get in and out.

See if they have an accessible bathroom and wide hallways that accommodate walkers or canes. These types of amenities make dental visits much easier for seniors with mobility issues.

Ask About Home Visits

Does the dentist offer in-home visits for checkups and exams? This convenient service means your aging parents don’t have to find transportation to the dental office. The dentist comes to them.

While they can’t do major procedures at home, in-home visits let the dentist spot potential issues and recommend next steps. See if any North Sydney dentists provide house calls.

Look for Extended Appointment Times

Standard dental appointments are often only 15-30 minutes. But older patients may need more time to get seated, explain issues, undergo procedures, and get explanations about dental work.

Ask if the dentist allows extended appointment times for elderly patients who need extra care and time. No one wants their aging parents to feel rushed during important dental visits.

Consider Location and Transportation

Choose a dentist located near your aging parents with easy access to public transport or other transportation options. Long drives across town can be tiring and challenging for seniors.

A dental office close by or accessible by buses, shuttles, taxis, or other transport makes it simpler to get to appointments. Proximity and easy transit are key.

Discuss Payment and Insurance

Don’t forget to ask the North Sydney dental office about accepted insurance plans and payment options. Many elderly patients are on fixed incomes. See if they accept major insurance providers for seniors like Medibank, Bupa, Medicaid, etc.

Also inquire about payment plans or discounts for uninsured patients. Finances are a consideration when choosing dental care.


Finding the right dentist for aging parents requires asking the right questions and understanding their unique needs. But taking the time to research helps ensure they receive quality dental care from an office equipped to serve older patients. Their oral health is too important not to.

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