DIY for Dogs On-The-Go

Whether you’re chauffeuring the kids from school to sports practice or making your rounds from one Autumn festival to another, you don’t have to leave your pup behind.  With a little extra preparation, you can simply jump in the car with your furry friends without thinking twice.  For families on-the-go, has the perfect DIY idea for a canine-friendly car ride.

“Stonnie Dennis” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Stonnie Dennis Dog Photography

The Doggy Bag

Much like a nappy bag, pack up a doggy bag for those long stretches of traffic during your errand run, toting kids from one place to another, or wherever your weekend adventures take you.  Here are a few things to include:

  • Treats: Even if your dog is great in the car, you’ll want the opportunity to reward your dog for good behaviour on the road. Plus, who doesn’t love snack time?!
    Treats, especially long-lasting dental dog chews, are also excellent for keeping your dog occupied during long car rides or when you need to leave your pet alone for a couple of hours. Dogs, particularly high-energy breeds and those that have separation anxiety, can get destructive when left alone or when they’re bored. Protect your stuff from getting chewed on by packing plenty of healthy, long-lasting dog chews for your trip.  
  • A blanket and pillow: Make your dog comfortable with a blanket and/or pillow that has his scent on it.  When you lay out a blanket with a familiar scent, your pup will be more inclined to enjoy a nap while you’re in the grocery store instead of chewing on the seat belts.  If your pup will be spending a long time in the car alone, lay down the back seats or clear out a spacious section for him to stretch out and relax.
  • Poo bags: You never know when nature calls!
  • Water bowl: Buy a collapsible dog bowl or grab any old plastic bowl around the house. You can add a little rubber padding to the bottom of any bowl to allow extra grip and avoid major spills.  Don’t forget to toss in a bottle of water.  If you’ve got a puppy being potty trained, lay out newspapers in a shallow cake pan or cookie tray to prepare for any accidents.
  • Towel: If you take a pitstop at the dog park and your pup ends up rolling around in a mud puddle, you’ll want to have a towel to wipe down your dog or lay down until you get home to the bath.  Include a small spray bottle of water in your doggy bag in case your dog needs a quick sponge bath before he gets back in the car.
  • Toys: Include something that your dog loves to chew on and something your dog loves to fetch.  Bring whatever toys keep your canine entertained while you’re in and out of the car or you end up with some time to run around the park together.
  • Extra leash: Just in case!

Once you’ve packed your bag, leave it in your boot or on your path to the car.  Regardless of where your route takes you, you’re prepared with the doggy necessities.  Also, this bag can be easily converted into an overnight bag if your pup is staying with a pet sitter while you’re away.  However you utilise this bag, we hope it makes your busy life a little more pet-friendly and efficient!

Author byline: Written by Tracy Vicory-Rosenquest, community member.  Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.

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