Dear Alex….Today You Are 3

Dear Alex,

Today you are three. You’ve turned from a tiny baby to a little boy in the blink of an eye. Ever since you surprised us (and the midwives!) with your very, VERY rapid entrance into the world, you have kept us on our toes.



You are the cuddly one. You are happiest when you are cuddled up to daddy or me. You still love to climb on my lap just to have a snuggle, and even when sitting next to one of us, you have to have a hand, or an arm or foot touching us. You still don’t like to sleep on your own, and as much as I sometimes grumble about it, I am making the most of any minute of your cuddles. One day you won’t want them as much. You love to dish out hugs and kisses – earlier this year when Harrison’s friend came round, you gave him a hug and a kiss. It was so cute!!

You are so much like Harrison in so many ways, especially as you get older and pick up on his funny little sayings and expressions. In other ways, you are so completely different. For starters, you can throw the most epic of temper tantrums and sulks. You have the arms folded, downturned mouth and ‘it’s not fair’ down to an absolute tee. It only takes one of us to pull a funny face at you and it is soon forgotten though, and when you bat those great big beautiful brown eyes at us, we can never stay cross at you for long. You know the power you have with those eyes, and you’re not afraid to use it!

Throwing a strop

We adore your funny little ways of saying things – asking for ‘Montin House’ instead of Monster House, and not being able to pronounce ‘S’. It’s hilarious when you stomp around the house shouting ‘Hulk, MASH!!’. Talking about Hulk – you are obsessed!! You even chat about Hulk in your sleep (yes, you sleeptalk. All the time!!!).

You love to sing and dance but won’t do it if anyone is watching you. Daddy and I often stand in the kitchen watching you shake your little bum to some music, but if you spot us, you hide. At playgroup, you come and sit on my lap during singing, and will sing ever so softly down my ear so no one else can hear you.

You’re such a typical little boy in that as well as being obsessed with superheroes, you love cars, diggers and trucks. Wherever you go you usually have a car in your hand. You will play for hours on the mat or on the table with a handful of cars. You recognise people’s car straight away – whenever you see a Jaguar, even if it is a totally different colour to nanny’s, you point out that it is like nanny’s car. You can recognise Uncle Simon’s car and Uncle Tom’s as well as pointing out Beetles and Mini’s! You also love your ‘peoples’ from your Happyland collection. You always have one with you in your pockets or in your backpack.

You hate sitting down to colour, or do any crafting, and would much rather be off playing, although you love having stories read to you. You are going to be the mathematical one though – you can count to 24, and recognise adding means more and taking away means less. You can build fantastic towers from bricks and you are amazing at doing jigsaws – you can do them faster than me!

Daddy and I are so proud of the beautiful little boy that you have become. You never fail to make us smile and laugh, and every time I look at those huge brown eyes it takes my breath away just how beautiful you are, just like your brothers.

Happy birthday my little Meerkat.

Lots of Love,

Mommy xxx