Unusual Ways To Invest In Gold

Gold is the most traded of all precious metals and has been the foundation of wealth for humanity since time began, yet there are other ways you can invest in gold, aside from gold coins or bullion.

Here are some of the novel ways you can get into gold investment.

  • Fine Gold Collectables – If you can afford to acquire some ancient Egyptian gold jewellery, you can expect to enjoy a healthy return within 5-10 years. Gold has long been used to make fine art and jewellery and if you have a keen eye and the cash, you can find some great bargains at auctions. This is how antique dealers make money, but there is an element of risk.
  • Rare Gold Coins – We aren’t talking about 99.99% gold coins like the Australian Kangaroo or the American Eagle, but rather very rare gold coins that are extremely valuable. This is a specialised market and not one for the ill-informed investor who is looking for a quick profit. Roman, Greek and Egyptian artefacts can fetch huge sums of money when they go up for auction; collectors from all over the world bid for such items. The investor who is looking to buy gold bullion Brisbane has may approach a reputable gold bullion dealer, where he can find Swiss gold at spot prices. Search online to find dealers in your location.
  • Investing In Gold Mines – The canny investor can make a killing if they can predict which gold mines will produce; yet like all investments, there is a risk. One must have a deep insight into the precious metal mining industry if one is to consider buying shares in a mining company. If, for example, you know of a small mining company that is searching for new fields, buying shares would pay big dividends if they found a good field and began to mine. This investment entails a time horizon of 3-5 years, with the possibility of varying outcomes in terms of its profitability. In the event you think it isn’t going to happen, sell your shares ASAP and get out while the going is good. In contrast, if the company strikes gold, there is the potential for a substantial 30% surge in share price, indicating an opportune moment to consider selling.
  • Go Prospecting – There are still places in the world where you can stake a claim and lease land to pan for gold. Some lucky prospectors struck it rich when they hit a nice vein of gold; indeed, some of the wealthy families of today got their wealth from gold prospecting. Some would say you have to be slightly nuts to sell everything and try your hand panning for gold in some remote region, yet people have done just that! The mid-19th century witnessed the remarkable Australian gold rush, an era etched in history, where a multitude of individuals ventured to New South Wales in pursuit of their fortunes. You probably can’t prospect here in Australia, but there are places in the world where you can.
  • Gold Futures – If you think the spot price of gold will soar in the next 18 months, you could buy gold futures. The market is up and down and if you can buy at a low point and sell at the peak, you can put the champagne on ice! Again, this is a highly complex arena and not one for the average investor that knows little about the futures market.

These aforementioned unconventional methods serve as a mere sampling of the diverse avenues through which one can invest in gold; however, it is essential to acknowledge that no investment carries a guaranteed 100% security.

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