Cups of tea, Biscuits and Homework

We have always been really lucky that we have never had to battle with Harrison to do homework…so far anyway! He is only in reception, so it is nothing too taxing, but he still absolutely loves to sit down and get on with it.

Harrison came home from school with a sheet to write some sentences about The Little Red Hen and his usual phonics sheet.He settled himself down at the table with his homework and the basket of stationery and got on with it, asking for a cup of tea and biscuits to go with it. Of course, Alex needed some ‘homework’ to do as well. It was so lovely to sit at the table to do some of my own work, with them both chatting away to one another about their day and working next to me!

Cup of tea, biscuits and homework |

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4 thoughts on “Cups of tea, Biscuits and Homework”

  1. Aww, super cute and seems to be really having the fun of their lives. Make sure to keep that photo very well, they will need it when they are 20 🙂 Thanks for sharing Rachel.


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