Create A Bathroom With Relaxation In Mind

Mums, how often do you get to really relax? If you’re not running around after the kids, there’s laundry, shopping, and cleaning to do – it can seem never ending. But we have to be able to wind down every now and then; our sanity relies on it. If it’s only an hour or so away from the madness, then a bath is the perfect way to optimise relaxation in that time. But rather than just jumping into a pool of hot water, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom perfect for relaxation, without having to completely redecorate.

Keep it neutral

A neutral colour scheme is a great starting point for a bathroom. The creams, beiges and greys don’t energise you, and they’re less likely to clash too. But it’s not just the walls, keeping the bathroom suite in neutral colours makes it far easier to coordinate walls, furnishings, and accessories without risking a clash. We tend to find neutral colours relaxing, but if you fancy a splash of colour, blue’s a good mood lifter too.

Be sure to include candles

The ultimate bath always has to include candles, which means the ultimate bathroom does too. If you would like to keep clutter at bay ordinarily, a small box containing tea lights is all you need, as they can be put out and put away as you see fit. If you want more statement pieces, white pillar candles are beautifully understated and super classy. If you’re opting for scented candles, try to keep the scents similar – too many different smells can confuse the mind and even cause headaches.

Don’t forget the bath bombs

You can make your bath anything you want to be depending on the products you use. If you’re looking for an energising experience, then citrus and floral baths can perk you right up. If you just want to feel like you’re in a sleepy heaven, go for something more subtle and warming with vanilla, coconut, and shea butter. Bath bombs are the ultimate way to personalise your bath experience, and they look and smell incredible too. Don’t waste valuable relaxation time going to and from the shops to keep buying them though, now you can buy bulk bath bombs which means you can chill out knowing you have plenty to keep you going.

Make sure the after-bath experience is lovely

Don’t let all the hard work of relaxation be undone the second you step out of the bath. Ensure you’ve got fluffy, warm towels kept on heated towel rails or just tucked over the radiator for the ultimate after-bath hug. Soft bath mats and a warm room also help to ensure you don’t get a shock as you climb out of your relaxing bath.

Bath comfort accessories are underrated

If you really want to push the boat out, amazon shower steamers, bath pillows, a bath caddy, and even a wine holder are absolute must-buys. There is nothing more annoying than the cricked neck resulting from trying to hold your book up without getting the edges wet or the edge of the bath being at the wrong angle and rather uncomfortable. If baths are your thing, these are all worthy investments.

That snatched hour to yourself is a hard-earned prize, and creating a bathroom with relaxation in mind is the perfect way to enjoy that wonderful hour alone in the bath.

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