New Year, New Bathroom?

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You can have 20/20 vision when it comes to your eyes, but you may have tired of the right concept for the interior of your home. The good news is that with a new decade comes the chance to change and upgrade – something you may not have had for a while! The thought of going through the motions with home renovation may be a tough one, but giving a new look and feel to your home next year could be everything that you need to refresh your home. You may not be planning to sell up, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not looking forward to a brand new space in which you can live.

The bathroom is often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not an essential room in the home which you need to consider. Lots of people start with the kitchens and living spaces, but the bathroom is just as important as any of those rooms. There is so much that you can do with the limited space that you have – let’s face it, the bathroom is hardly the biggest room in the house. However, with modern Art Deco bathroom ideas and exciting colours on hand, you can create a bathroom that reflects your personality beautifully. The bathroom should be a place to relax, unwind, and – you know – in peace. So, let’s take a look at six different benefits of choosing to place your 20/20 bathroom vision into the reality of 2020!

  • Your Comfort

For a lot of people, the bathroom is the place that they choose to head to for their “end of the day” unwinding. Your bathroom can be a very comfortable place to be with the right fixtures and the right bath/shower installations. When you improve the functionality of the bathroom, you increase how comfortable it is. Even something as simple as upgrading the tiles to a softer colour can make a huge difference. You want to choose a theme that matches your taste, and the right bathroom can relax you and be the best place at the end of a long day.

  • It’ll Look Great

It can become so tedious to see the same decor over and over again; that’s why an upgrade can be an excellent way to make your home look fantastic. Change is good sometimes, and if you want to make significant changes in your home, start here! You’ll improve the appearance of the bathroom and make it far more appealing to look at, too!

  • More Space

As we mentioned earlier, the bathroom is usually the smallest place in the house. A benefit of renovation is going to be creating a slightly bigger space to accommodate you and your family. Your bathroom can be more spacious, and you can switch out as much as you want to make the bathroom of your dreams!

  • Added Value

When people choose to renovate their home, the motivation behind it usually lies in increasing the value. Selling a home is a big deal, and you want to get the very best you can get for it. So, upgrading the bathroom, identifying and resolving any plumbing or water heater issues, and making the space more modern, brighter, and easier to use is a good start. According to the experts at, paying attention to signs of plumbing issues (or any other) will ensure that you take appropriate action on time. It shows that you care about your house enough to make sure that the next owners benefit from it – and it adds extra cash to the value, too!

  • It’s Hygienic

The bathroom floor can be a pretty grim place, and all the soaps and shampoos in the world that accumulate on the floor still leave damage. You can clean it with gusto, and you’d still have faded tiles and a changed bathroom smell. These tiny organisms can be harmful to your health, causing allergies and sickness. When you renovate and rip up that floor, and redo the skirting boards, you free yourself from the dangers of those germs, starting from scratch once more.

  • Fixing The Flaws

Years ago when your house was first built, the bathroom may not have been as well-designed and constructed as you imagined it could be. The wear and tear in the bathroom over time can result in some issues with the electrics and plumbing, and while you’re dealing with that, the house settling can even make it wonky! So, this renovation can make a big difference to all of that, straightening it out once and for all.

You deserve a comfortable, functional and a beautifully modern kitchen. Whether you pick a theme from the ‘Gram or you go down the Art Deco route, the choice is yours this year!

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