Baby Benjamin’s Second Week

Benjamin is now two (and a bit!) weeks old, and we’ve finally started to find our feet as a family of five.

I was worried about how I would manage on my own with three cute but very demanding little people, especially in the mornings. It is manic enough as it is let alone with a newborn. Unless it was a first-week fluke, it has actually been easier than it was before, thanks to some military-style organisation. I get everything ready the night before make sure Ben is fed and dressed before I wake Harrison and Alex up. So far, we’ve actually got on the bus and to school earlier than we did in life before Benjamin. Alex has been really good at walking to and from school as well which has made things much easier than I anticipated. I have tried wearing Ben in our carrier from Papoozle, which was really easy to put on, and really comfortable to wear. He looked so cosy and comfy in it as well, but I will be blogging about that soon.

After we have picked Harrison up from school and got home, the first half an hour is absolutely manic. I’m trying to get Harrison out of his school uniform, get lunch ready and feed Ben at the same time, but once we’ve done all that, it’s nap time, and so far I’ve managed the holy grail of getting all three kids to sleep at the same time for a good couple of hours. Last week I used the time to catch up on some sleep but this week it will be used to catch up on housework – boo!



We also managed to make it to the last playgroup of the year, where Benjamin was passed around and cuddled. He went in his little reindeer outfit and looked adorable. It should have been a lovely morning, with party food, pass the parcel and presents, but the shine was taken off for me a little.I started bleeding heavily whilst we were there, which meant I ended up spending the afternoon in the hospital to check there was no retained placenta or infection. It turned out to be nothing, most likely that I had just overdone it a little that day.


Ben is still sleeping pretty well, having a bottle about 11pm, 3am and 7am. He is a quick feeder, so the nights aren’t too bad at all. I am making the most of the night feeds, where I get to cuddle him without interruption. I also can use the time to catch up on a bit of blog reading and comping! We are still co-sleeping, but over Christmas whilst Graham is at home I am going to try and get him back into his Moses basket for at least part of the night.

At his last weigh in with the midwife, he weighed 8lb 4oz, which means he has gained 3oz from his birth weight. He is still incredibly content, barely making more than a whimper for his bottle or a nappy change. The only thing he hates is getting dressed – you would think we were torturing him! He has had a couple of baths and once he has calmed down from the trauma of being undressed, he seems to enjoy them. Harrison and Alex love helping to bath him, and are really excited about the day Benjamin can join them in the big bath!

We’ve been on a trip into Solihull so he could meet his Great-Great Uncle, who adores him and his big brothers, and he’s also been to his first Christmas fayre at Harrison’s school, where he got to meet my old Infant School teacher!


His features are changing on a daily basis, but he still has that gorgeous curled up wrinkly newborn look, so I’m taking as many photos as I can and making the most of him lying on my chest and tummy like a little frog!

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  1. It’s hard looking after more than one child, but it sounds like you’re doing a good job. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

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