Campbells Prime Meat Review

For the past few months, we have been ordering our meat online from a local online butcher. We’ve found that the meat generally tastes a lot better than what we can get from the supermarket, and it’s much more convenient. When we were asked if we wanted to place an order with Campbells Prime Meat, a family run butchers established in Edinburgh in 1910, we decided to give them a go. After all, a butcher that has been around for over 100 years has got to be ok, right?

We were given £50 to spend on the site and got a huge amount of meat for that. Our freezer is well and truly stocked up for the near future! The website was incredibly simple to use – the various types of meat are listed across the top of the page, with the relevant products listed underneath. You can buy more than just meat from them – there are pies, fish, cheeses, pates, marinades, and sauces as well.

For our £50 we bought:

  • 2 x Chicken Breast 10 packs – £12.80 each
  • Boneless pork shoulder (2lbs) – £3.58
  • Pork and Herb sausages (1lb) – £2.20
  • Scotch Pies x 12 – £7.90
  • Lamb leg mince (2lbs) – £4.99
  • Smoked back bacon (1lb) – £2.50
  • Pork and chorizo burger – £1.86

Delivery is free for orders over £50, and any UK mainland order placed before noon Monday – Thursday is delivered by 6pm the next day, except orders with fresh fish.

We were pleased with how well packaged the delivery was. It was in a polystyrene box with a freezer pack inside (which is handy to pop in the freezer for picnics!). Even the pies, which were made from beautiful crumbly pastry were undamaged!

Campbell Prime Meats |

We haven’t got all the way through the meat yet (there’s a lot!) but what we have had so far has been really tasty and excellent quality. The scotch pies are stuffed full of mince with crumbly pastry. The sausages were really tasty, if a little too  herby. The chicken is plump, and not full of water like it can be from the supermarkets.

Campbell Prime Meats |

My favourite product so far has been the lamb mince, though. I am quite funny with mince – the texture is often a little bit gritty and offputting, but these were huge chunks of proper meat. We (well, Graham!) made a shepherd’s pie with it, and it was the best one I’ve tasted.

Campbell Prime Meats |

Campbells Prime Meat is definitely something I would use again for a meat order!

*We were given £50 credit to spend on the site for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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