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For about 18 months or so, I’ve been in a very small (seven of us) blogger group on Whatsapp. It started off as a bit of a support network, but as time has gone on we have gotten to know each other really well and have become firm friends. We are scattered all over the UK, with one living in New York. It’s lovely that we can literally pop onto Whatsapp any time of the day and someone is there to chat to. We’ve supported each other with our blogging, networking, but most important in our personal lives. When we were going through all the crap of trying to sort out a new home in Wales, they were the first people I spoke to. They’re now probably my best friends – I know I can talk to all of them about anything.

Last year we all sent each other Christmas cards, and this year decided we were going to do a Secret Santa. We did it all online, using a website to draw names, create wishlists etc. Mine came today, and I thought I would share it with you.

Blogger Secret Santa

Now, I know Secret Santa’s are generally meant to stay anonymous, but because of shipping rules my Santa had to put her details on the box. The contents would have given it away anyway – it was from an American store, so it could only be from the lovely Trudy at Rendezvous En New York. I couldn’t wait to open it! I had a message via the gift giving website we used to say it was also a housewarming gift as well.

The first thing I pulled out was this box of fancy teas from Trader Joes.

It’s a selection of 10 teas in little test tubes, with flavours such as liquorice root and raspberry black tea. I cannot wait to make a cup of it tomorrow – I have never tried anything like this before but I do love a good cuppa!

The next thing was a tin of sipping chocolate, which I think is going to be like a really thick and luxurious hot chocolate. I am definitely looking forward to a mug of that over Christmas topped with some squirty cream, and the tin will make a lovely keepsake.

Next in the box was some little bars of chocolate which sound amazing -butterscotch and coffee chocolate is probably my favourite thing in the world, and the others sound really lovely!

There was also some real mistletoe, which I haven’t taken a photo of because I hung it straight up. My favourite thing of all in the box though was this absolutely stunning real fir and juniper wreath. Considering it has been boxed up and shipped from New York it was as fresh as though it had just been bought, and the smell….well, I wish you could smell it. It literally is the smell of Christmas. I was going to hang it on our front door but I’m frightened that the storm that is about to hit us will damage it, plus I want the beautiful scent to keep filling my house! I’ve put a church candle in the middle of it and am using it as a table centrepiece. The photo just does not do it justice!

It was one of the most thoughtful presents that I’ve ever received, and I may have suffered from a slight case of the eye leaks when I opened it. Trudy – thank you!

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