Bluestone Day 4: A Visit to Saundersfoot

If you have been reading my previous posts, you will know that we were invited to stay at Bluestone in Wales for four nights. We were staying in the most beautiful lodge, and had visited Tenby a couple of times.

The night before we had done a bit of googling to see what was in the local area. We knew there was a theme park and a children’s farm nearby, but to be honest, we can visit these sort of places when we are at home. On our way home from Tenby we had noticed signposts to a place called Saundersfoot, and one of my Instagram followers had mentioned it. We looked it up (the lodge had wifi), and it looked lovely.

When Graham popped down to the shop in the Bluestone village in the morning, he got chatting to the bloke behind the counter. Every single member of staff we came across at the resort was super polite and friendly, calling Graham ‘Sir’ and asking us about our plans. Graham mentioned we had been to Pembroke Docks the day before so the boys could see the boats, but there was nothing there. The man suggested we checked out a place called Milford Haven – there was a large working dock there. We followed his advice and headed there.


I’m not sure if we didn’t quite get to the right place, or whether the docks were just very quiet that day, but there wasn’t a lot to see. Over the other side of the water were two huge cargo ships but we weren’t close enough for it to really interest the boys, and Harrison said he was frightened of the docks. After a few minuted we decided to stick to our original plans and go to Saundersfoot.


By the time we got there, it was almost lunchtime. We found a proper chip shop by the harbour and sat outside. The boys had sausage and chips (and a bit of orange fizz as a treat), and Graham and me had fish and chips with a coffee. It was really lovely and the boys demolished their food – even Ben!


After lunch we went and got an ice cream, and walked along the harbour. I was walking along, enjoying my oreo ice cream in an oreo dipped waffle cone (as amazing as it sounds!), when I felt something smack me in the side of the head – a flaming seagull! It had obviously tried to swoop in and grab my ice cream but missed and whacked my head instead. Of course, Graham and the kids found it hilarious. I was just relieved my ice cream was intact. We decided it was probably safer to sit down to avoid any low flying greedy seagulls.

11143292_10155739716705500_3453993036631581467_nWe stopped off to take some photos of the kids all together in front of the sea, and a bloke sitting near us offered to take a photo of the five us together. The last family photo we had was before Ben was born, so it was nice to have one altogether – and it shocked me just how alike all three boys are!


The sun finally made an appearance so we went and sat on the beach. The weather the day before had been quite cool, and we’d all been in shorts. We put jeans and leggings on that day and it went really hot – can’t win!


We followed the usual pattern of our days by heading back at around 3pm for a shower, get changed and have some dinner before heading to the adventure playground in the village.

Walking down to the village. Alex called the golf buggies ‘bumble cars’ for some reason!

The kids loved playing on the playground whilst we relaxed in the courtyard and had a beer or two. Like the previous night, there were some activities going on in the tent in the middle which the boys joined in with. They were all given chalk to go and write their names on the paths.



We went back to the lodge relatively early because we didn’t want to be running around in the morning packing to go home. We sat outside on the patio and made the most of the beautiful views on our last evening.

Come back tomorrow to see what we did on our final day at Bluestone!

*We were invited to stay at Bluestone for 4 nights in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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  1. Look like you had a fun day, despite the seagull attack! We just spent a week in Cornwall and they are such pests (and very scary!) so we ended up eating ice creams beneath a towel at one point! Love your pictures x

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