Best Tips for Keeping Kids Active When School’s Off

We are all aware of the benefits that exercise can have on our health and our kids’ health in particular. It helps to develop their movement skills, maintain a healthy bodyweight and build healthy bones for life. While the kids are at school, there is no need to be too concerned about their lack of movement when at home because most schools will have programs for physical education as part of the syllabus. But when school is out, how do you keep them moving? Here are the top tips on keeping exercise in kids’ lives when they can’t go to school.

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Choose Activities That Motivate Them

Anything that you enjoy enough, you will want to do more of, and the same goes for your kids. Most of all, kids want to have fun, so encourage activities that are so fun that they want to do more and more of it. For example, bouncing on a trampoline can be considered as ‘playtime’ but this activity can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes of jumping! Keeping the kids motivated also requires you to be organized, and that means getting all the equipment you need, signing them up for classes or perhaps taking them to sports fields. Once you have done the hard part for them, all they need to do is get started and have fun.

Be a Role Model

Kids learn from their environment and the people that are most often in that space will be you as parents. This means that it is especially important for you to be showing them the correct way to behave so that they can consider whatever you are doing on a daily basis as a fundamental part of life. They are unlikely to make changes to their diet and activity levels by themselves so it is up to you to make a healthy lifestyle a habit that the whole family can commit to. 

Turn to the Worldwide Web

When there is simply not enough time in the day to drive your kid to a sports class or plan an activity for them, you can always check out what ideas are available on the internet for your child to do all by themselves. There are usually a range of videos to search through on YouTube that would suit your kid’s activity level and age. Failing that, have a look at physical education websites, such as, where you can find virtual activity programs and activity kits for engaging your little ones.

Hopefully, you understand the importance of keeping your kids’ activity levels up during their downtime and have been able to use these tips to get a little bit of inspiration for the next time you are called upon to entertain them. There are plenty of resources out there but remember that nothing beats shaping your kids’ healthy habits from a young age and being the inspiration they need to live a healthy, long life.

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