How Can Kids with Autism Achieve Success in Learning?

Mommies- do you have a kid with autism? If yes, then do you worry about their education? Stress is sure to occur to you, but finding ways for boosting their learning holds paramount importance. 

While, you as a parent may think that there’s a recipe for teaching an individual student or a group of students? While some educators may negate the saying, you’ll be glad to know that some guidelines do exist. Yes, these help in supporting students with unique abilities. 

Students with autism have unique learning needs, social skills, and communication. And, that’s the reason you need to send your child to a teacher that has strategies for addressing each of these areas. Research shows that a bit of change in education patterns can go a long way in helping students with autism learn and grow. 

Some simple ideas that teachers are using for bringing about the best in learners with autism labels are:

  • Take Knowledge of the Learner from the Learner:

Many times, educators gain information about a student by studying through their educational records. While these documents come from one source of information, these are usually the most helpful source of information. 

For instance, teachers get information about a student with autism by speaking to them. Even better is that a student with autism is more than willing to share information about their uniqueness. However, the others may need support from family members. 

Teachers can get this information in diverse ways. They may ask the student to take a survey or ask him to sit in an informal interview. By doing so, you’ll be able to take a list of teaching tips for understanding their learning differences. If a student cannot communicate the needs reliably, teachers can go to families for help. After all, it’s about making learning fun. 

  • Teach Using Fantasizing Methods:

Whenever possible, make sure that educators use interests, skills, strengths, areas of expertise, and gifts as tools for teaching. 

One way of making learning more accessible to children with autism is through PECS – Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), which helps teach functional communication. With pecs cards, teachers teach an individual by giving a single picture of a desired item or action to a communicative partner. Another way can be a passion for GPS for inspiring reading, math skills, or answering social studies questions. 

You can also include social skills among students with autism by helping them play the name game, using sharing time, and having board games with a twist. 

  • Get them Talking:

In some classrooms, a few students dominate small-group conversations. While it is vital for outgoing and verbal students to have a voice in the discussions, it is wise to include the shy and quiet students. 

Students will have to challenge ideas, ask and answer questions, and exchange thoughts. Thus, teachers need to put structures and activities in place to allow interactions for students. 

  • Consider Handwriting Alternatives:

Writing is known to be filled with tension and struggle, especially among students with autism. While some students may not write at all, others who do write face significant difficulties. 

Thus, to support a struggling student with writing, a teacher needs to inculcate a dose of motivation among students. Appreciate them in their most minor achievements- a word, a sentence, or some lines. 

Teachers may also allow students to use a computer, word processor, or even a typewriter for some lessons. 

The Verdict- Making Learning Accessible

Some other ways that teachers use to show promising results are giving choices, considering handwriting alternatives, helping with organizing, and supporting transitions. 

If we actually learn by doing, then the best way to support students with autism is by actually including them. Thus, all you’ve to do as a mommie is recognize your kid’s special needs and get going with finding educators for your child. 

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