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Seating space is at a bit of a premium in this house. We do have two three-seater sofas, but the smallest person in the house tends to take up two of those, and god help if two of the boys have to sit next to each other on the sofa. It gets even worse when my parents come up for the weekend – another two adults and two large dogs who think they’re humans. Now, thanks to BeanBag Bazaar, we have an extra seat to argue over.

We’ve had plenty of beanbags before, but to be honest, they’ve all been a bit crap. They go lumpy and uncomfortable very quickly and don’t get me started on when they explode all over the living room. However, the ICON® Ottawa Faux Fur Bean Bag, which costs £89.99 is amazing.

For starters, it’s adult-sized and huge. I can comfortably sit on it, and it’s great for feeding Elizabeth on. However, despite its enormous size, it’s really light, so you can pick it up and move it about easily.

It’s covered in a lovely soft ‘tipped’ faux fur. We went for a mink colour to match the decor in the living room, but it is available in a large range of colours. It’s snuggly and cozy – you sort of just sink it into it. Even Elizabeth likes to lie on it (supervised, of course!). The beanbag has a faux suede base to prevent slipping on wood floors. The cover feels thick and robust, and I’m not constantly living in fear that it’s going to rip and explode all over the lounge.

It’s made a great addition to our living room and now you have the chance to win one for yourself. To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Please make sure you take care to follow the instructions and take a look at the terms and conditions below!

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Terms and Conditions

 1)   There is 1 prize of one BeanBag Bazaar beanbag worth £89.99. The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered

2.        Open to UK residents aged 18 and over,

3.        Closing date for entries is 9th December 2019

4.        Entrants must follow  Rafflecopter instructions

5.        The winner will be chosen at random from all valid entries

6.        The winner will be informed within 14 days of the closing date and will need to respond with a postal address within 28 days or a new winner will be chosen

7.        The winner’s name will be available on request

8.        The prize will be sent within 28 days of receiving the winner’s address

9.        This is a joint promotion between Rachel at Coffee, Cake, Kids, and BeanBag Bazaar.

10.      Entry to this confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

*We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and words are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

110 thoughts on “BeanBag Bazaar | Review & Giveaway

  1. 1) my mum as she is harder to buy for as she has everything

    2) beginning of September and look for deals and vouchers off

    3) pigs in blankets

  2. My dad – has to be unique and special
    I start shopping right after Christmas
    Food – christmas pud

  3. 1) My mum’s gift always gets the most thought as she absolutely loves Christmas and I like to get her something she will treasure and appreciate to make it a bit more special

    2) I start my Christmas shopping at the beginning of November — I bought my first present last week!

    3) Has to be crispy Roast potatoes!

  4. My sons presents get the most thought as they are very difficult to buy for. I start my christmas shopping in december. I love sprouts on my christmas dinner.

  5. My partner as he is so difficult to buy for – very fussy!
    In January!
    Pigs in blankets 😀

  6. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? my kids

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? September

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? Pigs in blankets and sprouts

  7. My other half – he says he doesn’t want anything so it takes a bit of thinking about, I tend to pick up things all year round if I see them and it has to be pigs in blankets – they’re never quite the same at other times of the year x

  8. my wifes gift receives the most thought
    started christmas shopping already
    could not do with out crackling with christmas diner

  9. My kids gifts usually are given the most thought as i like to make sure they have something they are really into or that they need.Aduts are easier to buy for as they dont keep changing their mind either.
    I usually start my xmas shopping in the january sales if i see any good bargains and then buy stuff throughout the year too to put away ready for xmas.
    Not sure about the most quintessential food

  10. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? my girls

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? August, but only the little bits

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? sausage meat!

  11. 1 My grandsons have to have a lot of thought put into their present as I want to buy something that will last a while after Christmas
    2 Start about September in Christmas mode
    3 Got to be turkey roast spuds and the trimming plus love stuffing

  12. 1, my husbands present takes the most thought because I never know what to get him
    2. i start my Christmas shopping in November
    3. You cant have Christmas dinner without pigs in blankets

  13. 1) hubby because he already has everything!

    2) 7 November, the day after my grandson’s birthday

    3) Mince pies

  14. 1. My teenage son is really difficult to buy for and I always spend ages trying to find a great present for him.
    2. I start shopping the in the Boxing Day sales, there’s usually a big push at the end of October and a last minute panic just before Christmas.
    3. Pigs in blankets. It’s probably the only thing we eat only at Christmas and no other time.

  15. My mum as she is extremely fussy, present shopping for her is very stressful
    I start my Christmas shopping in October 🙂
    Pigs n blankets with cranberry sauce! Yummy!

  16. My husband’s gift receives the most thought. I start Xmas shopping whenever I see something appropriate for the intended recipient. And mince pies are my quintessential food

  17. My partner’s gift gets the most though put into it – we have a very small budget for each other so we have to make it really count.
    I start in June after 2/3 of my children have had their birthdays! (the other one is in December!)
    Food wise, has to be roasties! Mmmm!

  18. Most thought goes into my daughter’s present as she being a mum herself she tends to say concentrate on her children.I begin shopping in the January sales.I have pigs in blankets for Christmas dinner

  19. 1) i put most thought into my nieces and nephews gifts as they get so much from family it’s hard to get them something different.
    2)beginning of december
    3) sprouts and stuffing!

  20. my other half is so difficult! he has everything! i also try and start my xmas shopping early although this year im struggling! and i love the pigs in blankets because we dont have them at any other time of the year!

  21. My husbands present always has me racking my brains, it takes so much thought.

    I’m normally a last minute shopper, but this year has surprised myself, i’m nearly done.

    Pigs in Blankts

  22. my brother in law is the hardest to buy for
    i start in about june/july
    pigs in blankets

  23. 1) Used to be my Mum as she deserved something really special
    2) 2 weeks before or I lose track
    3) Turkey

  24. 1. My son as he never wants anything
    2. Usually October
    3. Turkey

    Thanks for offering up the prize, it looks great.

  25. My daughter in law, changes her mind so often about what she likes

    Already started for next year

    Roast potatoes

  26. 1. My parents as they are so hard to buy for.
    2. Middle of November.
    3 pigs in blankets

  27. I spend more time on my mother’s present; never start shopping before December; most quintessential xmas food has got to be Xmas Pudding

  28. 1) My Son
    2) July / August – I start picking up presents for my Grandchildren as I see them
    3) Turkey

  29. My dad, he’s so hard to buy for.
    I don’t start until December
    Bread sauce

  30. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought?

    I always try hard for my parents gifts, because they are very hard to buy for

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?
    The real question is when do I stop…
    All year I’m looking for stuff, but the proper shopping starts in October and ends mid December
    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    No idea what would class as quintessential for me, but one food I couldn’t ever have Christmas dinner without would be pigs in blankets, and a lot of gravy.

  31. 1) My brother. Never know what to buy him and end up having to ask his wife for ideas
    2) This year I started in September so have nearly finished it all now.
    3) Stuffing balls / Pigs in Blankets . . . both essential on my Christmas dinner plate

  32. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought?
    My partner’s she is so picky about everything

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?
    Casually throughout the year starting from January sales

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    Pigs in blankets!

  33. 1. Have to say 2 people, both my kids 🙂
    2. Usually after my daughters birthday so around the 15th October
    3. I just love mince pies

  34. I put most thought into the presents for my grandchildren. I usually start my Christmas shopping in December and my annual Christmas treat is a nut loaf

  35. Hardest one is husband cos doesn’t know what he wants.
    Start after Summer finishes. ..about October.
    Our family loves bread sauce!

  36. 1. definitely the kids’ presents get most thought because xmas is about the kids
    2. I start xmas shopping immediately after my son’s birthday at the end of October
    3. Turkey with all the trimmings…and mince pies

  37. My sister – she is a nightmare to buy for!
    First present arraigned today!
    Roast pasta toes!

  38. My children’s gift receives the most thought.

    I start my christmas shopping on the 1st of October.

    Yorkshire pudding is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food.

  39. 1 – my brother as he’s so hard to buy for
    2 – I usually start in the January sales
    3 – has to be the turkey

  40. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? My kids

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? November

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? The Turkey, yum.

  41. 1. Always my Husband as the kids know exactly what they want
    2. Normally in September but still not started yet!
    3. Pigs in Blankets

  42. 1 – My husband because he is really difficult to buy for !!!!
    2 – From January right through the year
    3 – Mince pies with clotted cream !

  43. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? – My son, I love buying for him!
    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? – December! I’m always a last minute Larry!
    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? – I LOVE bread sauce! (Everyone else hates it so I get a whole bowl to myself! Yum!)

  44. 1- My sister!
    2- I begin to browse at the start of November and start shopping officially at the start of December
    3- roast potatoes!

  45. 1) My son’s gifts always get the most thought, it’s more important he’s happy than anyone else and Christmas really is way more special for kids.

    2) I usually start in November but this year I finished in October. I’m going away for Christmas so December is about planning and packing and it’s my son’s birthday, so I had to get it out the way early!

    3) I genuinely hate Christmas food, I know people will think that’s weird, but the whole traditional British roast dinner meal is just not appealing to me at al – never has been. Even though you can get good vegan alternatives to turkey now, I’m just not interested. Our family tradition is to eat a different cuisine from around the world each Christmas. I do LOVE mince pies though – they should be available all year!!

  46. My Husbands receives the most thought as I try to get him something that he wants, but he wouldn’t buy for himself.
    I would like to start Christmas shopiing earlier but I am a last minute shopper. The earliest I may be buying a present this year is an Amazon product on Black Friday.
    Turkey is the most quintessential Christmas food as it is the only time my family eats it. Hubby loves his sprouts so he has them for most Sunday Dinners!

  47. 1 my children
    2 about the middle of november
    3 yorkshire puddings or pig in blankets

  48. 1. It seems to change every year! Certainly not my daughter, she’s easy to buy for as she’s into everything, and my partner and I don’t buy each other gifts anymore unless we happen to see something we think is ideal. My partners parents can be difficult so sometimes they take a lot of thought (to buy for, lovely people!)

    2. Whenever it makes sense to and I see something. Some years I’ve picked things up in the boxing day sales, other years I’ve gotten nothing until mid December. This year I started buying for my daughter’s book advent at a book sale in September 🙂 it’s done now

    3. Pigs in blankets

  49. I put the most thought into my son, as he has everything!!
    I start my shopping at the beginning of December, and the best Christmas food is Duck!

  50. 1.My hubby’s presents require the most thought but it’s easy to know what he needs, it’s just the searching then.
    2. I start shopping in November before what I want sells out.
    3. Bread sauce for me – because it often gets forgotten!

  51. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought?
    my husband or my mum

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?
    i don’t start until December

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    Mash potato and mint sauce for me lol

  52. My husband, used to be our children
    I start shopping in January
    Pigs in Blankets

  53. My partner is very difficult to buy for, I tend to buy for Christmas throughout the year so it spreads the cost. Pigs in blankets!!

  54. 1 – my daughter
    2 – i start christmas shopping in october
    3 – the most quientessential food has to be the turkey

  55. 1. My daughter.
    2. I start around September to spread the cost a bit.
    3. The turkey and stuffing.

  56. 1. My daughter’s gift as she has a birthday a couple weeks before so I have to get her something “different”.
    2. Normally the 1st week of November.
    3. Sherry triffle.

  57. my Dad’s present gets the most thought because he is the hardest to buy for! I start thinking about presents in October but buy in November/December. As for Christmas dinner we never have turkey but I have to have sprouts and yorkshires!

  58. 1. Has to be my mother.
    2. I start in the first week of August
    3. Christmas Pudding

  59. The person who gets the most thought is my daughter, Natalie. I always try get her things that are unique and different. I usually start my Christmas shopping about October so i’m not stressing at the last minute. A three bird roast is absolutely delicious <3

  60. Thought – My Daughter 19, and My Niece 12 , and Nephew 9 – Kids are hard to buy for. One because you want to capture their attention for 5 minutes, and two because I really want them to know how much they mean to me!
    I start all year, I have so many to buy for so it’s the only way for me to do it.
    We have turkey and beef for dinner, the family meal is my favourite

  61. 1. My nan as shes really hard to buy for
    2. Normally beginning of November so that i have enough time to wrap without rishing but this year i wont be able to start till middle of December.
    3. Brussell sprouts, honey glazed parsnips and pigs in blankets

  62. 1) My husbands gifts usually get the most thought!

    2) I shop all year for bargains, with 8 children it would be a nightmare to leave it all for last minute!

    3) Has to be pigs in blankets!

  63. My sister – she’s a sister and best friend filled into one!
    Right after I finish school shopping usually mid august
    Roast potatoes in goose fat

  64. I put the most thought into my husbands gifts because he’s really thoughtful and always gets me amazing gifts and I always struggle!
    I usually start Christmas shopping in September but I’ve still not started this year.
    Honey glazed parsnips

  65. 1. My children 2. I shop throughout the year, making the most of the sales 3. Christmas pudding with brandy butter

  66. Husband – He doesnt tell me what he wants!!! What do you get someone who doesnt want anything!!!
    Xmas shopping starts when my pay comes in at the end of November
    Cant have an xmas dinner without turkey, gravy, roasties, veggies

  67. 1) My mums christmas present receives the most thought because she is super fussy. She has even returned presents in the past!

    2) I always start around october every year i say i’m going to start earlier next year but I never do.

    3) Pig in blankets! Not only are they my favourite we don’t have them with a normal sunday roast so it makes christmas dinner for me.

  68. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? . . . my husband’s

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? . . . .January

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food . . . . turkey

  69. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? My parents

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? January sales

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? Roast Potatoes!

  70. My father and mother in law because they have everything!
    I generally start shopping around October
    I just love the puddings, especially yule log and Christmas cake

  71. Definitely ny partner, hes so tricky to buy for!
    I start Christmas shopping in November but im normally pretty last minute!
    Pigs in blankets make a Christmas dinner for me xx

  72. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought? – I have several people who require a lot of thought, mostly because they’re just difficult to buy for!

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping? – usually late October/early November.

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food? – I would say pigs in blankets, mainly because it’s the only time of the year that we have them which makes them special.

  73. I start Christmas shopping in November and my wife’s present takes the most thought. My favourite part of the Christmas dinner are the meats closely followed by the desserts

  74. 1) my husband – he’s SO hard to buy for…

    2). I usually start in October to spread the cost over a few months

    3) turkey!

  75. My daughter (always changes her mind lol)

    Im always late in shopping, i start middle of December

    Sprouts with loads of butter

  76. 1) My children.
    2) Whenever i see things the want on offer but usually around September.
    3) Roast potatoes.

  77. I put more effort in my daughters present.
    I am a last minute shopper
    Pigs in blankets

  78. I would say my children as I always put a lot of thought into there presents. I actually get some bits like wrapping paper, cards etc in the sales in January! It has to be sprouts and mashed swede

  79. 1) Which person’s gift receives the most thought?
    my daughters

    2) When do you start your Xmas shopping?

    3) What is the most quintessential Xmas dinner food?
    Roast Potatoes

  80. I put the most thought into my daughter’s presents.
    I start at the end of summer.
    I love Christmas pudding

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